My DVR Is Special And She’s(?) Busy!

Ah, a new season of fresh television programming; it’s music to my ears and it’s a feast for my eyes.  Yes, the picture above is the kind I possess, and I think I should name her/him.  I’ll get to thinking on it as I write.  
I already know I’ll have to resort some online viewing to watch every show I like.  The old Motorola is trusty, but she/he can only record two shows at the same time; and when you arrive at a night like Thursday, it’s a bitch to try and decide what to sacrifice for the “catch up online” crowd.  I won’t be able to post fancy graphs or charts but I will try and break down my weekly viewing schedule.  And I will point out a few new shows I think may be worth watching.
Although Sundays are not as crowded now, thanks to True Blood ending, I do have a few I can’t miss, namely the Fox “Animation Domination” line-up.  Say what you will but I still love The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and the fiercely underrated American Dad!  They may all be animated, but they are not for the youngsters and the humor is so inside joke and is so irreverent, I can’t turn away.  I became so obsessed with American Dad! I would stay up to watch nightly reruns on Cartoon Network.  Speaking of Cartoon Network:
 Early Cuyler and the gang are back in a brand new season of Squidbillies.  Now if you thought the Fox animated shows were weird, you ain’t seen nothing ’til you seen squids cooking meth and living in the mountains of North Georgia!  The episodes may only last 10 minutes, but they are worth every second.  (Sundays 10:45p C on Cartoon Network).
Now here’s the deal, I don’t watch Mad Men (which just netted its fourth-straight Emmy for Best Drama Series) yet I’m very interested in seeing another 1960s themed series:
I believe I’ll be able to fit Pan Am into my Sunday night schedule.  It’s getting better reviews than its NBC counterpart, The Playboy Club, and it looks very authentic.  Christina Ricci better deliver! (Sundays 9p C on ABC).  So, since The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network wraps up this Sunday, I should be good to go.
Mondays are where things start to get tricky.  I’m going to do my best to try and not miss Dancing With The StarsTEAM CHAZ!  I made a trip home this past Monday and since we only have one TV at home now, I made Mom and Dad watch it.  I get a break from TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles until it picks back up in November.  The A-List: New York will end soon, but then The A-List: Dallas premieres next month on LOGO.  And there’s the new, controversial season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I know I’m missing something.  It’s the cable shows that will get you. 
Moving on to Tuesdays, I know I might sacrifice the Dancing With The Stars results show in favor of Glee of course (duh!) this show:
Zooey Deschanel’s new sitcom New Girl (Tuesdays 8pm C on Fox) has landed a cake lead-in (Glee, which it beat in the ratings this week?!?) and a good follow-up, season 2 of Raising HopeNew Girl is not resting all on the shoulders of Deschanel, her co-stars/roommates Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson, and Damon Wayans Jr (yes, son of that Damon Wayans) play great straight men.  And what Tuesday night wouldn’t be ba-nan-as without a new season of The Rachel Zoe Project; Rachel and Rodger are preparing for the birth of their first child, while as usual, Rachel works her fingers to the bone, only now she’s pregnant.  
Wednesdays may kill my DVR.  Not only does The X-Factor and Survivor both air at the same time, I have another new show to add:
I’m hoping Up All Night stays at 7p C on NBC.  I’ve read it might get moved around and of course, the show was re-tooled to accentuate Maya Rudolph’s role as an Oprah-like talk show hostess.  It’s just good to see Christina Applegate and Will Arnett back on primetime TV as once hard-partiers who now have a baby, hence the name.  I guess I can forgive Arnett for last season’s stinker, Running Wilde.  The show is produced by SNL eternal overlord Lorne Michaels and since 30 Rock won’t be returning until October?!, I expect the funny.   My first priority on Wednesday nights will almost always be the Emmy-winning Modern Family, I just hope it doesn’t run out of gas.  I also throw in Top Chef: Just Desserts to complicate things; I can’t miss them and a new Top Chef (Texas) will premiere in November.  WHEW!
Thursdays may drive me insane.  Apparently, The X-Factor results shows will be on which will trump The Big Bang Theory (watch it! especially now that it’s in syndication) and Parks and Recreation (Amy Poehler’s Emmy stunt for Lead Actress was genius).  As always, I’m as loyal to The Office (season 8) as any other fan would be; no turning the TV at 8pm.  I’m sad to report my first real sacrifice this season will more than likely be…Grey’s Anatomy.  I could catch up online I suppose, but is it worth it anymore?  I only watched for Callie and her many lesbian dramas anyway, yes I said it!  Now, instead of bawling over Meredith Grey’s lisp, I’ll be checking out this lady:
No, Maria Bello will never be Helen Mirren, but an American version of Prime Suspect sounds like it might hit the right notes.  And from all the promos/pictures I’ve seen, Bello dresses like this every week, SCORE! (Thursdays 9p C NBC)  
So what’s leftover, just a new season of Saturday Night Live, which debuts this weekend with Alec Baldwin hosting for a record 16th time with Radiohead as musical guests. 
**and yes, there will be a Project Runway live-ish recap posted in just a few hours, yes, I’m nuts!**

The GaGa-iest SNL Ever!

Thank God the Rapture didn’t happen or we would’ve missed the season finale of SNL and it was a doozy!  Sure, host Justin Timberlake has 2 movies to plug–Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits–but Lady GaGa has the most anticipated album of the last decade to promote!  Duh!  And although I’m still very leery of the SNL writers and producer Lorne Michaels, they were wise to give GaGa the floor in 2 sketches, the digital short, and 2 off-the-wall musical performances.  I’ve said the Nicki Minaj takeover of Jesse Eisenberg’s episode was my favorite of the season, I take it back!  Let’s review in order, shall we?
First up, Timberlake reprised  his “take it on down to (insert service)-ville!” sketch, this time promoting a liquor store in favor of Kristen Wiig’s “teabagging” place and then who shows up? (unfortunately, the clip has not been posted to Hulu) moving on. 
The Digital Short up next…Andy Samberg and Timberlake reprise their “Dick in a Box” and “Motherlover” characters for “3-Way (The Golden Rule)”…more GAGA!
Oh, and I almost forgot, in the first commercial break, a new Google Chrome spot premiered, starring GaGa and her scores of Little Monsters–very cool!
Up next, first musical performance…a little “Edge of Glory” with GaGa playing a lego-like 3D piano, then breaking into “Judas”…sweet!
I thought we probably wouldn’t see GaGa anymore until her last performance, WRONG!…she challenged JT in a celebrity edition of “What’s That Name?”
Hilarious!…and finally, GaGa brought back her egg from the Grammys for a little different interpretation of “Born This Way”…a head scratcher…I hope my sister wasn’t watching.
So awesome, I pray the stores aren’t sold out tomorrow…because I don’t get off work until 4p…GAGA!

Just How Desperate is SNL?

When you see a LIVE ACTION version of the Ambiguously Gay Duo…well, it morphed into a live version; starring Jon Hamm as Ace and Jimmy Fallon as Gary.  I guess it was sort of neat, but when’s the last time we saw “A Cartoon by Robert Smigel”? It’s hard to say since Smigel’s complete stint at SNL is unknown.  According to Wikipedia, “No ‘TV Funhouse’ segments were produced for the 2009-10 season of SNL, and his future with the show is unknown.”  Oh well.  We’ll always have Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.

I Love Elton John, But…

What’s not to love about Captain Fantasic?  I guess you could say this was his week; it was “Elton John” week on American Idol, although he did not appear on the results show, and he had the dubious distinction of being both host and musical guest on SNL.  It’s no secret, I have NOT been happy with SNL, especially this season.  Season 36 has been extremely lackluster in the funny department with only a few highlights and I attribute all of those to Nicki Minaj’s appearance; who was even the host that week? (Jesse Eisenberg).  Now if a non-actor, like John, is a host, naturally the writers should try and take advantage and maybe they should try and not make too many gags/jokes that only focus on the host.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  I would say 70 percent of last night’s skits were all about playing on John’s sexualtiy, which really SNL?  We all know Elton is gay!  And sure, if John was all about it, that’s great, but to a regular viewer, it’s a little insulting.  But even more insulting, a cavalcade of who’s who in Hollywood were there to join in the fun.  Tom Hanks appeared in 2 skits, and in the abysmal “Laser Cats” digital short.  New Knicks acquistion, Carmelo Anthony appeared twice-WHY?  Then out of nowhere, Jake Gyllenhaal popped up during Weekend Update.  I joked on Twitter, I fully expected John Goodman and/or Sarah Palin to pop up.  And one ex-castmember, Will Forte, also appeared, reprising his role as dim-witted ESPN Classic commentator, Greg Stink.  If Elton was all about not caring and having a good time, mission accomplished; and his musical performances with Leon Russell of course were great.  I think I’m more excited about the musical guests this season than anything else.  FYI-next week-another Brit, Helen Mirren is hosting, musical guest-Foo Fighters!!!  Yeah, when I saw cowboy Elton John ride in on a unicorn, I gave up! I blame this man:
Lorne Michaels, you’ve had a great run, but you may want to consider either stepping down or you may want to get rid of your entire writing staff…sorry Seth Myers…even Weekend Update is not funny anymore, unless Aunt Linda’s there…Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Gemini’s Twin…Never Forget…

Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow has been EVERYWHERE lately!  Last night’s GLEE was superb, and I bet we see her again, since Mr. Schu asked her to substitute if he ever gets sick again…hooray!  She made her country music debut last Wednesday in Nashville at the CMA awards; it was truly one of the better performances of the night and she got a standing ovation…duh!  I really want to see Country Strong; it has the look and the attitude of a little movie you might remember, The Thing Called Love…
Anyway, whenever Paltrow graces the stage at SNL, she shines like no one else.  Hell, she may be the best guest host of the last 25 years, well, except Betty White.  One of Paltrow’s best moments on SNL was her stint in Gemini’s Twin…many third members came and went, but Chanterelle schooled them all…watch and never forget:

J-Lo…NO!…Making Fun Of "We Are The World" 2?…YES!…

Well, you may have seen an earlier blog about how I was very disappointed with the new version of “We Are The World”…with the Olympics winding down, SNL returned last night, and I was a little surprised they went after this subject first, since there was a boat load of material from this week’s Health Care Reform Summit…I confess, if a skit about the HCR Summit did air, I may have missed it, since I didn’t watch the entire show…and I still stick by my position on Jennifer Lopez no longer being valid…her musical performances were on par or below American Idol this past week…OUCH!
However, you’ll see J-Lo impersonating Rihanna and it’s funny…as is Jenny Slate as Lady GaGa…my only complaint, Jason Sudekis needs to work on his Glambert, as does Abby Elliott with Melissa Etheridge….LOL!…here it is:

"Let’s hit the Lob!"
Well, as usual, SNL was not very funny this weekend thanks to stiff host and MAD MEN star, January Jones…however, Kristen Wiig shined the brightest, although these days, even I’ll admit, I get a little annoyed when she’s in too many skits…that wasn’t the case this past Saturday…not too much, just enough…the skit called “Around the Town” is vintage Wiig…she plays a reporter who is a little too open about her feelings for Jones’ DQ worker-turned-hero…observe above!

and Happy Monday!

Lady GaGa + Madonna = Unfunny…

Don’t get me wrong, GaGa’s musical performances were off the hook!….however, SNL’s attempts to incorporate her into skits were awkward and not funny…and they dragged Madonna into the Deep House Dish skit, which happens to be one of my favorites, and it was bad….Madonna just happened to be in NYC, she was on Letterman one night, maybe even the night before his big “sex with interns” confession…which by the way, SNL should have capitalized on, instead they gave us a Family Feud skit with the Osmonds vs. the Phillips family…it wasn’t very funny and maybe, too soon?…those jokes will last for a while…as usual, Kristen Wiig was awesome and she’s hilarious in this edition of Deep House Dish…then witness the train wreck…
If this wasn’t enough, SNL then lampooned GaGa’s bubble outfit she sported on the cover of Rolling Stone by having Andy Samberg wear one too…UGH!…and Lorne Michaels could NOT be left out:

Yeah, it was all in good fun, but very strange, much like GaGa…I beg of you to please search YouTube and Hulu for her musical performances…you won’t regret it!

Monday, Monday…ooops!