Survivor’s Colton: AppendixGate (SPOILER-Y!)

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Although Colton Cumbie may be one of the most hated contestants in Survivor history, viewers won’t have him to kick around anymore. As Colton and new tribemate, Alicia (she is Ani DiFranco’s doppleganger) continued to berate Christina and talk shit, Colton was getting sicker by the minute. Lack of food and water is the main reason I’ll never attempt to get on this show. I have an f’ed up colon to start with; I can’t even imagine what those conditions would do to me. Apparently, Colton didn’t know either until it was too late.
Following another Manono reward challenge loss, footage started to show Colton’s head in Christina’s lap, I guess she was thinking if she would take care of Colton, he would change his call on the vote, nope! So we then see several shots of Colton writhing and whimpering in pain on his side. Christina made the call to bring in the medical team. After an intital assessment, the doctors determined Colton may have had acute appendicitis and that they would have to TAKE HIM OUT OF THE GAME to get further tests and to determine if he would need surgery. I screamed out! I could not believe what was happening. Colton was nearly inconsolable as he begged Jeff to let him stay. Nothing doing, Colton was told to say his goodbyes and in a very Colton move, he kept his hidden immunity idol “as a souvenir”. Hilarious! To say the least, Alicia was pissed, I cannot stand her! So with Colton gone, the tribes officially merged and no one was voted out. It’s going to get good with everyone scrambling around.
However, this afternoon, a new issue came to light. Colton did NOT have apppendicitis! According to his interview with E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos, Cumbie revealed his GI tract was inflamed and he was put on antibiotics, no surgery. I suppose at the time, the medical team had to make sure, but Cumbie’s appendix, as of now, is still intact.
It’s all being touted as karma, and it was, but I would say Colton is glad his medical issues weren’t worse than they seemed. Damn, he had a great chance to win. I pray we see him again if the show does another All-Stars season. PLEASE CBS!

Survivor’s Colton Cumbie: The RAREST Gay Republican

And I use the word “rarest” for a reason. Who knew this little old twink from Alabama would be in control of the all-male Manono tribe. Certainly not after the initial men vs. women aka “One World” situation was introduced. At first glance, Colton Cumbie seemed to never fit in with the guys’ tribe, so he would hang out with the girls, yet they finally decided he shouldn’t hang around anymore. I think his fellow dudes made the mistake of underestimating him, and he turned the tide by forming an alliance of other outcasts, including Survivor‘s first little person to ever compete, Leif. Colton is by the far the most flamboyant gay man to ever play the game. Sure, Season 1 winner Richard Hatch may flaunted his nakedness around, but he’s got nothing on Colton. But here’s the kicker, Colton is not only gay and Republican–what is up with that?–he just might be a bigot and a racist. Even if he was brought up with black housekeepers and he’s never had a real job, he’s not afraid to say it, as this week’s volunteer Tribal Council proved. 
It’s totally unfair to form an opinion about someone without getting to know him or her, but Colton made up his mind about stand-up comedian Bill–who is black–by just throwing around a lot of degrading phrases like calling him “ghetto trash” and telling him he needs to get a “real job”. I doubt Colton could throw a stone, but he heaved a hell of a lot of them at Bill. Nevertheless, the Survivor producers have molded Colton into this season’s break-out star/villain. Why do the gays always have to be “villains”? And just because, here’s another look at this week’s historic and bat shit crazy Tribal Council (Courtesy of

The episode was titled “Bum-Puzzled” for a reason, well that Jay guy said it, but Oh My God!!!!
My writing may be premature, because apparently next week, girlfriend gets thrown off by a twist, and something tells me either the tribes are merging or at the very least, integrating (no pun intended!)
I also loved when Tarzan had his Tourette’s moment when he went on and on about how race shouldn’t be an issue in this country. Needless to say, I’m entertained and just how despicable will Colton get?  One more parting shot, Colton’s Twitter account. You’re welcome!

Hatch Job…

Oh Richard Hatch…why?…all right, I’m sure you remember Richard from his victory on the first season of “Survivor”…I looked up how long ago that was…2000…but it seems longer…well, Hatch decided not to pay taxes on his $1 million prize from “Survivor”, so he spent some time-4 years-in prison for tax evasion…in all this time, Hatch was denied permission to give interviews…until yesterday…

He sat down with Matt Lauer of “The Today Show” to basically say he’s broke and that he was made a victim because of his “open homosexuality”…WTF????…okay, you may recall I blogged that I thought Adam Lambert lost AMERICAN IDOL because he’s gay…I’ve since given my statement some more thought…so when I read Richard Hatch openly laid down the “because I’m gay” card, I get a little frustrated…

The moral of the story is…not long after his interview aired yesterday, Hatch was arrested and taken back to jail…intially, the reason his sister gave, according to Hatch himself, was because of the interview…otherwise, there are no grounds for jailing him…Hatch was currently on house arrest, staying with his sister in Rhode Island; he was schedule to be released from house arrest in October…Hatch’s interviews, he also did one with “Access Hollywood”, were approved by the Federal Bureau of Prisons…so really, what the hell is going on???

We’ll see…TOP CHEF tonight followed by the TOP CHEF MASTERS finale…