Same DNA Indeed!

Oh yes, I fondly remember this moment from October 2009 on Saturday Night Live; two music icons, Madonna and Lady GaGa compete for diva dominance in a sort of hilarious fashion.  I’d say Madonna is either really flattered or really pissed at GaGa today. 
“Born This Way” is phenomenal; I’ve already listened to it countless times, but I noticed something, it has a very familiar melody.  I won’t go to the trouble of posting “Born This Way” alongside “Express Yourself” but I think you already know the almost identical similarities.  The melody is pretty much dead on, only sped up a bit, plus GaGa evokes a little “Vogue” with her raps in the song.  Now I look at this two ways, Madonna can cry foul and she should have already with GaGa’s “Alejandro” video, or she can be honored and really is any kind of good pop music original these days?  Of course not.  It’s neat that we already have that familiar melody in our heads; we are ready and willing to listen and by God, make a purchase. (I’ve decided Target may have the better deal, all iTunes is doing is reducing the price on GaGa’s other cds, lame)  I will purchase it, oh yes I will…May 23rd–or earlier or the Grammys–can’t get here fast enough!