Who Wins Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?


Okay, so apparently WordPress won’t let me upload a real season 10 cast photo or any other I guess licensed image. Oh well. Churn that butter bitch!

Here we are with another big girl, Eureka O’Hara, in the final four and she can win, but will she fall short? I’m not a fan of the new format Ru uses to determine a winner. Although lip syncing should be the ultimate drag skill, paging Valentina, it’s not fair for a queen who clawed her way to the finale with more than just a jump into the splits.

And, as has been tradition for a while now, they shoot each queen winning the crown, then edit it to show who really won and the said winner finds out live at an event in her honor or she’s probably hosting it.

Of course this season wouldn’t have been worth a damn if not for….

Let’s get real, unless Eureka can really turn it out, Aquaria will win. Do not get me started on Kamron Michaels. She’s the Valentina of this season, not because of her lip syncing, she’s fierce, but because of her aloof attitude. As cool as it would be to have a queen from an area I know well win, it’s not happening this year. Poor Asia O’Hara will have to settle for third place, in other words, forgettable. I hate that for her too.

Miss Congeniality is a tough call this year, but I would give it to either Monet X Change or Monique Heart OR Miz Cracker. Cracker was ROBBED! She will be one of the queens who didn’t win or place in the top 4 who we’ll still be talking about long after the finale.

We probably won’t see another All-Stars season for another year. I give Season 10 a 9.7.



RuPaul’s Drag Race: Who Will Win? Who Cares?


It pains me to write this, but I know a lot of you out there agree with me. This season was very less than or it sucked! I keep trying to figure out why it just didn’t pop like all the others, including All-Stars. The biggest change this season, it aired exclusively on VH1; a little problematic, especially that pre-show aka “Fierce Fridays” with Wendy Williams which after a few weeks mysteriously disappeared. Good move, but it couldn’t save the lack of excitement.

The season started with Lady GaGa finally making her ‘Drag Race’ debut as a mystery queen then as a judge in a challenge that one, RuPaul didn’t dress in drag for, and two it brought back Cynthia Lee Fontaine, the CuCu. Sadly, not Queen CuCa.



And don’t get me started on Valentina. Did she have the best shot to win? Yes, alas.


Valentina is an example of what happens when you totally think you’ll win and you don’t prepare. Lip syncing is THE essential drag queen skill, such horseshit! The fact she won Miss Congeniality made me more angry. It was fan-voted, it was fair but I don’t agree. I voted for Eureka who will be coming back next season due to her early exit for knee surgery. Thus, we still wait for a big queen to take the crown. Sigh.

I’ll just cut to the chase, here is who I want to win:

source (1)

Shea Coulee’ slayed this season. It’s not that I don’t think Sasha Velour (who is rumored to be the winner), Peppermint, and Trinity Taylor aren’t worthy, Shea just brought it a little harder, and she can dance!

I’m praying next up is an All-Stars season. Season 10 better be better.

giphy (3)

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Who Will Win Season 8?


Okay, so Bob The Drag Queen has been sort of cut out of this group photo. The “purse first” pose, she is there (right hand side). Here we are again, only this time, the decision will be a nail biter. This year’s queens weren’t all underwhelming, but a few were just there and they just didn’t pop. If Acid Betty wasn’t such a bitch, she would’ve had a better shot at making the final three. Robbie Turner was the weakest Seattle queen to ever appear on the show. Cynthia Lee Fontaine was entertaining, but she was so not self-aware. She might even win Miss Congeniality.

Last year, I was wrong about Ginger Minj taking the crown. Honestly, Violet Chachki winning was a surprise. This season’s final three present a similar set of skills as last year’s top 3. Bob is the comedy queen, Kim Chi is the painted for the Gods queen, and Naomi Smalls is Violet Chachki 2.0. Based on this initial analysis, I take the crown out of Naomi’s hands, no offense, but I want a more well-rounded queen to win this year.


I like Bob a lot. She’s funny, clever, and she’s shady. Where she falls short is in glamour. Her looks were good, but I can’t remember a big stand-out runway moment for her. Another aspect which makes Bob attractive is her activism, which is an element not often mentioned on Drag Race. She’s a queen for change, not just dollar bills in the club. If Bob doesn’t win, it won’t matter, she will be in high demand everywhere, but I do give her a slight edge to take the crown.


Kim Chi is this season’s wild card. She has beauty and she has the creativity of a modern artist. On these points alone, she should win. No she’s not graceful, she’s a big girl, but really, that’s all that’s holding her back. Kim Chi also brings the story of hiding drag from her family. Yeah, it will be a photo finish.

Who wins Miss Congeniality? Throw a dart. I’m leaning Chi Chi DeVayne or Thorgy Thor. That’s all I got, I say either Bob or Kim Chi wins…until next year…



‘I Am Cait’ Left Me Entertained Yet Unsatisfied


Okay, first off, I think Caitlyn Jenner is an important transgender figure. She has the distinction of being the highest-profile person to ever reveal her true self. It all has a great ring to it, but somehow, her “journey” documented on ‘I Am Cait’ fell short and I don’t think it was totally her fault.

Here’s what should have happened. Jenner does the interview with Diane Sawyer and then, she should have gracefully stepped away from the spotlight. However in Hollywood at the E! network, where Jenner already has a built-in relationship, it just wasn’t going to happen. The idea to forge ahead with an eight-part “docu-series” was already set into motion most definitely before the big interview. Supposedly, other known transgender women, such as Candis Cayne, Jenny Finney Boylan, Chandi (love her!), etc. were “cast” to be Jenner’s gal pals. Now, I won’t deny that one or maybe all of these women were willing to reach out to Caitlyn off-camera, but E! wouldn’t have it that way. I hate to think they all saw dollar signs instead of their integrity to the community. This is why there should have been a some time away for everyone involved instead of riding rough shot into production.

My biggest problem with ‘I Am Cait’ was that all of the situations were treated as these rushed/forced benchmarks that had to be checked off and edited into a one-hour episode every week. For example, in the very first episode, Jenner goes to speak to the family of a transgender boy who committed suicide, which is still an unfortunate route those who seek acceptance and then they are rejected take. I’m not sure that should have been a first episode venture. If I were producing, which is such a loose term in reality TV, I would have maybe tackled that subject say, in the back half of episodes, maybe even in the last one. And it wouldn’t be an E! show without Kardashians popping in and out. Did they have the right to be a little miffed about Jenner’s Vanity Fair article? of course. I generally don’t hold the girls or their mother (we’ll get to her later) in high regard, but they did their segments on the show, and they were good/fair, no harm no foul considering what network they aired it on.

Now if you watched Jenner’s interview with Sawyer, she said she was Republican, which then we saw an episode where she was invited to the Abbey, the biggest gay bar in West Hollywood, for a night out with Candis and men were gyrating and such. She was uncomfortable, probably not completely on the basis of her traditional thinking, but because it was televised. Oh, don’t get me started on “The Dating Game” episode. Geez! You’re telling me in the time frame this was all filmed the producers actually expected Caitlyn to go full-on into the dating world? Please. What was even more unnerving in the episode is where Jenner was speaking with Boylan and said something to the effect of she wanted to be respected by a man to feel more like a woman. I shake my head. I think Jenner pulling back yet willing to discuss the subject would have been better served if the she had taken a year off, especially when Ellen grilled her on gay marriage. Will her views change in a year? Maybe, maybe not. I have reservations on whether or not Jenner should be a transgender spokesperson; again, take more than few months and a reality show crash course to educate yourself.

Finally, Jenner’s “big confrontation” with her ex Kris was okay. I think the issues discussed were pretty serious, but there they were, all for the world to see. And that’s what Kris wanted,  I don’t think her reasons for agreeing to meet Caitlyn on-camera were anything but cordial, yet I sensed she wanted to take a tiny bit of the spotlight away. I’ve found the Kardashian camp’s reaction to Caitlyn very interesting. They’ve been supportive, considering the speedy timeline this has all taken to unfold. I hope they continue to play nice. I truly loved the show, because it was entertaining and it was interesting to see Jenner exploring her new self. I just wish the more serious content could’ve been extended and not edited.

Here’s is Jenner’s latest blog post about the show and her experiences so far; it’s a good read, “What I’ve Learned”.  I’m eager to see what the year left and the years ahead bring.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Who Will Capture The Crown?

rupaul season 7 cast

Another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is almost over and this is truly going to be a coronation for the ages. Why? Because this is the first time in a couple of seasons there is no clear winner. Let’s be honest, with the exception of Jinkx Monsoon’s win two seasons ago, there has never been this much doubt going into the finale.

Jinkx Monsoon Ducks Back

Since I’ll forget, let’s go ahead and award this season’s “Miss Congeniality”. At first, I was thinking Trixie Mattel, but when Katya was sent packing Top 5 week, I mean come on. She was clearly this season’s most hilarious queen. Her runway look descriptions were priceless.

katya wigs

If Katya had made the top 3, she had a really good chance at winning. However, somehow Kennedy Davenport skated through the entire season when, in my opinion, she should’ve been gone weeks ago. Her bold “Snatch Game” choice of Little Richard, which was brilliant, saved her.

Kennedy D Little Richard

Alas, Kennedy did NOT make the final three. In no particular order, because I have no idea what the hell is going to happen.

Pearl 2

Yes, Pearl, flazeda, and the like. If you are going to pick someone who has come a long way throughout the course of the competition, then she should win. She may go down in herestory as the cutest boy out of drag ever.

Pearl as Matthew

However, it’s not “RuPaul’s Cutest Boy Race”. I wouldn’t be shocked if she did win; she seems to have a lot of social media support.

Violet Chachki is very young, but very smart in terms of knowing her drag. She’s a true illusionist. I mean, this, dead.

Violet Naked

I’d say Violet is the dark horse, and I’m crossing all my fingers, hands, legs, and toes, praying Ginger Minj takes the crown.


Believe it or not, a big girl could win season 7. Ginger is hilarious, savvy, and she knows how to make it work. And she gave us all a new catch phrase.

I flood my basement

So, I’m not going to toss a coin, I’m going to break it down this way. Who should win? Ginger Minj. Who will win? Maybe Pearl.

Let’s just pray that rumored season 2 of Drag Race All-Stars comes to fruition.

Shania Twain’s Lace Front And Cat Suit


I noticed on Saturday night, ABC was going to air a one-hour concert special of Shania Twain’s Vegas show, “Shania Twain: Still the One Live From Vegas”. Simple enough, so I did the nerdy thing and I recorded it. After all, who doesn’t know all the words to her ridiculously simple songs? I had a friend years and years ago talk about how simple Twain’s rhyming scheme was, like in “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)”, the line, “…relax, Max!” Which is really stupid, but Shania sold 40 million albums and she hardly toured. These are the facts, Max!

I had some time to kill, so I decided to watch the special. The picture you see above, that’s her opening look and it looks oddly familiar.


I get the suit, because Shania, who will turn 50 in August, is in killer shape. I don’t know if it’s good genes or good docs, but DAYUM! What I don’t get is the stringy gloves? Girl, you want people to know you are certainly NOT aging. She opens with two songs in the cat suit, “I’m Gonna Get Ya Good” which is from Up!, her last country/pop album released in 2002?!? She then launches into the ironically titled and aforementioned “Don’t Be Stupid…”  Oh one part I forgot, the show is modeled on using flashy video clips and horses, lots of HORSES! I saw two live animals in the course of a one-hour show. For her second set/TV segment, here’s the outfit.


A little more subtle and Twain launches into two of her “honky-tonk” songs, “I Ain’t No Quitter” and my personal favorite, “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” Those are not Mom Jeans. One consistency in the show, is Twain’s elegant lace front wig or it could be a weave, but I’m going to go with wig. I know a lot of music people will blame Shania for today’s Taylor Swifts, but she was the real deal, singer/songwriter, equestrian. For the third set-up, I’ll be damned if she didn’t walk right off the set of “That Don’t Impress Me Much”.


She’s serving major cheetah! Now that I think about it, she had some major bangs in the original video, and those same damn abs! Twain also squeezes in “(If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here!” No “Any Man of Mine”!!! That don’t impress me much. Well, things in the show had to eventually slow down, however…


She rides in on this white horse. I imagine she has a stable with about 100 at her disposal, and she sings, “You’re Still the One”. Not kidding, this lovely woman with a sort of manly voice sings that song to her horse.


I mean she got rid of “Mutt” Lange, she lived in a castle, why this? It’s showmanship that’s why? The second song in the “you guys are sick, really?” set, “From This Moment On”, another tune I love. So, how does this shit show, I mean show I would go to if I could totally afford it????


“Man! I Feel Like a Woman” I’m not gonna lie, I still get funny feelings throughout my body when I hear it and I get really really funny feelings when I see the original video. Gah! Here’s what the Vegas version looks like, it’s okay.

The bottom line? I still love Shania!