The Edge of Boring? And Then She’s Bald!

Okay, so Lady GaGa’s “The Edge of Glory” video is underwhelming, but there’s a bizarre explanation behind how the video came to be….check here for the complete scoop.  Both Joseph Kahn, who was named as the video’s director and Haus of GaGa creative director Laurieann Gibson claim they did NOT direct the latest GaGa dancing/Clarence Clemons’ cameo-infused clip (ironic timing, since Clemons suffered a stroke last weekend).  However, before too many stones were thrown, this clip of GaGa perfoming “Hair” on the Paul O’Grady Show overseas popped up this evening.  
WTF?…Never fear, GaGa did NOT shave her head, it’s a bald cap, but still, she keeps everyone guessing, especially with all of her European performances, which have all been elaborate compared to her new minimalist video.  Even her performance of “The Edge of Glory” on the American Idol finale had more visuals.  I guess when you’re the biggest pop star in the world, you need a break or at least a gasp from your fans.