A Good Twitter Week For Me

Twitter is cool, let’s just start there. In a lot of ways, it’s much cooler than Facebook. Facebook has its moments of fan interaction, but Twitter is a much better way to get the attention of a celebrity, band, comedian, philanthropist, or maybe a friend. However, if you are trying to get in touch with a friend, I would suggest plain old Facebook OR an old-fashioned e-mail. I got a couple of interactions on Twitter this week that have undoubtedly thrill me to no end, or at least, next week.

Ironically, Facebook played a big part in the first interaction on Monday night. On Monday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live! on Bravo, Andy Cohen‘s guests were one of the only Real Housewives of NYC left, Ramona Singer, and The Office supporting actress Kate Flannery AKA Meredith. Cohen usually posts prompts on both Facebook and Twitter asking users/fans for questions for his guests on the day of that night’s  show, or if it’s a big show coming up later in the week, he’ll put up the prompts a little early. Viewers can also call in, but it’s only a 30-minute show, but…it’s LIVE! I decided I would take a chance and post a question for Flannery on the WWHL’s Facebook page. Now this past Monday was the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag U oh and they replied to me too, so I watched it first, then RHONYC, then WWHL, so technically, I didn’t see the show live. Okay’s here’s the Drag U tweet.

The folks at LogoTV are good people! They do a lot of fan interaction. Okay, so back to Bravo. Hand to God, the second question Cohen asked was for Kate Flannery and it was MY QUESTION! I asked what it was like for Kate to film the scene where Michael (Steve Carell) hits her with his car in the hilarious “Fun Run” episode.

Flannery said she basically just had to roll on the window and she saved the pelvic cast she had to wear. AWESOME! So I tweeted my happiness and I got a reply.

Some love from Andy Cohen! Pretty cool. I still haven’t read his new book, I really need to get back to library and check out their ONE copy.

All right, I tweeted Ramona how funny it was when she almost spit out her Pinot Grigio when Andy asked what she thought of LuAnn wanting to have a baby. Plus, she was drinking her wine with a straw. Well, the Twitter love continued.

I just couldn’t believe Ramona tweeted me back! I’ve tweeted other Housewives, but she’s the first to reply. Shame on you NeNe and Kim! Now I realize a reply from a famous or a semi-famous person on Twitter may not seem like much, but for a pop culture nut like me, it’s pretty cool.


Project Runway, Season 9 Finale Part 1

Well, before we start, an important news flash, it was reported today that the premiere of Project Runway All-Stars has been delayed and it will now air sometime in 2012.  No reason has been given and next in line to air is Project Accessory which debuts next Thursday night after the part two of the Project Runway finale.  So I’m a little bummed but I’m also a little relieved; I’ll get a nice long PR break for a couple of months.  I’m just scared that when All-Stars ends, a new season of the regular show will kick in.  Simmer down now!  (Update: the Cardinals just lost Game 2, but it’s cool…I will go on..)
-Heidi makes a funky smiling gesture…don’t want to see that again…only 3 go on to Fashion Week yada-yada-yada…$9,000 to create a 10 look collection…and here’s the Gunn…the home visits, I can’t wait!…packing up to go leave montage…zzzzzzz
-“3 weeks later”…Gunn goes to Kimberly’s first…what a cute blue studio!…Kimberly’s inspiration is Brooklyn then and now, cool concept…”Wow them!”…let’s eat!, oh wait, drink!…Kimberly is inspired by her late mother….she wants to be the first African-American winner…we’ll see…
-Trinidad????…visit to Anya…and Tim is wearing the same suit…one of Anya’s brothers is named “Yves”…fate?…more alcohol!…Tabago, Trinidad’s sister island, is Anya’s inspiration…all she has to show Tim is fabric, no clothes???…are we surprised?…D’oh!  Anya “hasn’t been able to draw a new shape”…huh?…and Tim reminds her she can’t have any help, hmmmm?…
-Back to NYC to check in with Viktor…Tim loves his gray suits!…Viktor’s inspiration is Mexico…man, all of these designers have suffered a major loss…so sad…Tim “Knock their effing socks off!”…we meet Viktor’s boyfriend David, awww!…beverage of choice is water…Tim moves onto Queens to check in with Josh…(dark suit this time)…we meet Josh’s sister…”sports!?!?”…he had a lot of “track and field scholarship” offers…well…Josh is also lagging behind in garment creation…crazy prints!…”sherbert-y”…he’s giving Tim fits…”where’s the sex??, this looks like ‘Farmer in the Dell'”…oh boy…
-Well, normal routine, the designers are all back in NYC for Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week…I must say, the penthouse they are staying in is the best looking I’ve seen on the show; big outdoor space…champagne bitches!…
-And the garments are revealed…let the judgement begin…Final challenge, create a 3-look mini collection…Viktor has the strongest pieces…Anya’s are too basic…Josh is having a mini-meltdown…Kimberly needs cohesion…no wow factor with Anya, and she’s losing her confidence…
-Everyone but Viktor is tweaking their collections…if I had to bet right now, and I don’t know the outcome; I stayed off Twitter and I focused on the ballgame…I would bet either Josh or Anya doesn’t make it to Fashion Week…we’ll see…Anya is frantically sewing…Kimberly is switching things up…aww, Viktor used the term “fierce”…
-Runway show…no guest judge…Viktor: lots of different textures, pretty fierce…Anya: too safe, not cohesive enough…Kimberly: oh, not as good as I thought it would be, and the cohesion is a little off…Josh: not terrible, a little wacky, and he held back on the crazy prints…
-First up, Anya…Nina and Heidi are sold on her dress, they hate the bathing suit and the gown, “unfinished” Michael-“it looks tortured”…styling is too old…she hasn’t fully embraced her roots…Kimberly…Michael likes it, too many accessories…”club foot?”, Heidi hates the “bubble butt” skirt, I agree…maybe she didn’t make the right choices…Viktor…who knew styling would be such a sticking point?…Heidi tries on Viktor’s jacket…he’s too “tricky”, he needs to edit big time…Josh…again, the judges are harping on styling…ooh, the back of Josh’s gown, not good!…edit!…
-So who’s out?…it’s a toss-up with the exception of Viktor…Josh makes it!!!!  Viktor, yep! Damn, I hope they don’t pull the “we’re going with all 4 after all” crap!…
AUF’ED: NO ONE!!!!…I knew it!…I hate when they do this…GRRRRRR!…Josh is pissed!
*Next week: Finale Part Deux*

Why Remaking Dirty Dancing Is A Terrible Idea

I really have a lot of respect for choreographer/director Kenny Ortega, but when I read the various reports yesterday, all I could think is WRONG AND WRONGER!  It’s sad that the growing, well, now normal trend of remakes in Hollywood has finally hit one of the true classics.  I suspect since Ortega choreographed the original film, he thought, “why not?”  Well, I’m going to tell you why NOT.
First of all, iconic films should NEVER be remade, especially ones that are well-loved and reminisced about.  But with the release of the remake of Footloose hitting theaters in just over two months, I suppose anything is possible.  I mean, have you seen the trailer?!?
I swear aside from the newer music in the film, this travesty is basically a shot-for-shot remake of the original, which is lame, but if the producers want to reel in your parents or grandparents, they have to give them some familiarity.  It’s not a good excuse, but that’s what you’ll probably hear.  And if Footloose can be remade, why not Grease or Hairspray? (oops on the latter, which it was actually good, but only because it was based on the Broadway musical based on the original film).  Oh yeah, that too. Dirty Dancing has become a musical, however, it may have been big overseas, but I doubt it will ever see the light of day on Broadway.  I wonder why?  
I confess I did watch the prequel, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, remember it?
Yeah, not a great idea, and I’m sure the filmmakers lost it when the managed to get Patrick Swayze aka Johnny Castle to cameo as Johnny, but it was hopelessly pointless.  And lest we forget the attempted 1988 TV series, not one of CBS’s brighter moments.
Wait, was that Jan from The Office?  And Paul Feig, who has directed episodes of The Office and he directed this summer’s huge comedy hit Bridesmaids??  Yep!  Ah, salad days.  The mere fact that movie musicals are maybe the biggest gamble out there, a musical remake is a billion times more risky.  And I’m sure since Ortega has all the High School Musical films under his belt, he thinks he might be able to replicate it with Dirty Dancing.  I say no, but there’s been some interesting input on the project from Frances “Baby” Houseman herself, Jennifer Grey (and her remade nose) support a new Dirty Dancing.  Damn you Twitter!  
The verdict on this remains to be seen, but I wish Kenny Ortega all the luck in the world.

KY Will Represent On The New Season Of Project Runway

And it’s about damn time! Yes, normally I wouldn’t blog until the episode airs tonight, but I couldn’t help myself, because I need to tell you about 2 special designers.
First, we have Laura Kathleen…
 Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Laura studied at Western Kentucky University, class of 2007.  Cool! I heard rumblings about this particular gal from some friends and I didn’t make the KY connection until I found her on Facebook. She’s worked in Nashville and is now back in her hometown of St. Louis. Here’s more .
Our second KY representative is from Louisville, 21-year-old Gunnar Deatherage.
Deatherage’s personal look is what you would totally expect to see on the show. He’s young and he loves Lady GaGa and GLEE, who doesn’t? Here’s his dossier from the PR website. As for the rest of the designers, I’ve looked at a few of them and I would say this could be a great season.  AND for the first time, fans/viewers will get to vote via Twitter on their fan favorite, and that designer, just like every season past, will win $10,000 at the end of the season. Here’s more on that, but basically you need to hash tag (#) your favorite designer on each episode, for example, #PR9laurakathleen. And if you go to the official website, you’ll notice Facebook “likes” by each designer’s name; social media is being beaten to death this time around.  
Come back tonight for my season premiere live-ish blog! It’s good times!

Levels of Sensitivity

It has been nearly a year since singer and former country music darling, Chely Wright came out of the closet.  I chose this picture, because after a joke that was made at Sunday night’s ACMs, I doubt you will see Wright back on that particular red carpet.  I first read about this Twitter war between Wright and ACM co-host, Blake Shelton, just today. The joke that was made was in reference to Jake Gyllenhaal’s break-up with Taylor Swift and Brokeback Mountain.  And that was the punchline to the joke, “…wasn’t he(Gyllenhaal) in Brokeback Mountain?”  I was live tweeting myself and I heard the joke; I didn’t flinch, because most jokes on award shows are corny, but I admit, this one got a huge laugh/reaction from the audience.  Earlier today, Wright admitted she was NOT watching the ACMs.  Of course, this isn’t the first time Shelton has baited Wright.  Not long after the singer came out, Shelton took to his Twitter and posted this:
And not long after that tweet, Wright’s friend and singerJann Arden, who wrote a song called “Insensitive”, fired back at Shelton. 
Wright has not tweeted anything about the ACMs joke, only to say she wanted to set the record straight that she wasn’t watching the show.  However, Shelton’s fans have weighed in and they have given the singer a pass…see what you think….
  1. “@TeamBiranda: Said it before, Saying it again. I’m a lesbian and you’re still funny.” Yeah!!! I love lesbians!!!! 
  2. “@ethanletter:please tell me you didn’t write that weak brokeback mountain line you said during the awards” Awe.. You’ll be ok little buddy. 

Bonus Saturday Blog…HELP!

I’m really trying to figure out how to get more readers/followers to my blog…I know a few of my friends do read it, but are unable to comment or they are scared!!!…LMAO!…Don’t be scared, I can take anything you hurl at me…I mean really, what is the best way to get more traffic to my blog????

I’ve listed my link on facebook, on twitter, should I advertise it/promote it somewhere else?

Please help my friends!…I’ll give you a cookie!


A new season of PROJECT RUNWAY is like Christmas to me and all the other gays!…it consumes our lives, it strengthens us, it brings our our claws…I love this show, although I must admit, I didn’t see all of season one, I know, shock and awe…aside from Christian “Fierce” Siriano, I can’t think of a more awesome winner than the first one, Jay McCarroll…I wish Bravo had went ahead and made PROJECT JAY a series…there is a documentary out there called ELEVEN MINUTES, about Jay’s Spring 2007 collection…

I’m very excited, although I’m not sure how the show will play out on Lifetime, let’s all hope for the best…I will post full recaps on Fridays and I’m debating whether or not I want to live tweet(@eringrant)…sometimes, it’s not good when the west coast won’t see the show until 2 hours after I will…plus, I think I got on some of my Facebook friend’s nerves when I did this during the AMERICAN IDOL finale, since my tweets automatically post to Facebook…

I’ll mull it over…if you are in the Central time zone…the All-Star challenge airs at 7, brand new season at 9 on LIFETIME!

WHO Follows You on Twitter????

Twitter is pretty cool…(follow me @eringrant)…however, I got alerted of an unusual follower today…if you have ever seen THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC, you know Jill Zarin very well…I don’t know everything about her, only that she runs some sort of interior design business????….and, she’s a decent tennis player…

Jill Zarin is now following ME on Twitter?!?…I only say this because most all of my followers are pretty run of the mill folks or services…I can’t think of one thing I could possibly have in common with Zarin…I love to watch the HOUSEWIVES shows, but not necessarily the NYC set…maybe it’s because of my interest in PROJECT RUNWAY or THE FASHION SHOW…I am just baffled…it’s probably some random follow thing….anyhoo, I’m glad to have her aboard…

Tueshday is a lazy day…Jill is on the right in the picture above…

Crunk No More…


Paula Abdul is NOT coming back to AMERICAN IDOL and I don’t know whether I should cheer or cry…Paula revealed via Twitter last night her simple statement not to return…it was confirmed just last week, Kara DioGuardi, will be back…gigantic mistake!…word is Paula had asked for up to $20 million this upcoming season; she made $4 million last season…I’m sure the blow was increased with Ryan Seacrest’s new 3-year $45 million contract to continue as host…

Despite her loopy, perhaps drug-induced behavior, Paula will be missed and IDOL’s continuing decline in viewership will increase…the nice judge is gone; she had a few harsh criticisms, but for the most part she was very encouraging to all the contestants…I’ll personally miss her dancing for every single performance, not knowing her back was giving her mega pain…I’ll miss her love/hate relationship with Simon Cowell…I’ll miss her tears for the contestants who don’t quite make it…I definitely think Paula needs to establish a new identity outside of the AMERICAN IDOL monster…and she has via QVC….it’s better than nothing…


To Bi or Not to Bi

I read yesterday Pink did an interview with a British newspaper in which she declares herself bisexual…however, via twitter, Pink still denies everything…she told Perez Hilton via twitter “100% FABRICATION”….I’ve always loved Pink and yes she is a DIVA…but whether or not she comes out…I won’t care…she’s lovely, hot, butch, talented, everything I look for in a woman…

After a week where we saw actress Kelly McGillis come out, and then I read about Pink, I kept thinking “who’s next?”…I think we all know why Pink was put on the hot seat all of sudden….this video (which I had to link, because it can’t be embedded anymore


It begs the question….would you do yourself?….and my answer?….yes…why not? Happy Monday!