Remembering Whitney Houston

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I couldn’t believe what my sister said when she called me Saturday night. She told me they announced on of all places, ESPN, that Whitney Houston had died. I immediately felt sick and guilty. The night before, my knee-jerk reaction to a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter was totally innocent and I thought funny. Who knew less than 24 hours later Houston would be gone. It’s sad any talk about one of the greatest voices of my generation had become convoluted into soundbites and punchlines. “Crack is whack” wasn’t just a soundbite, it was the beginning of the end.
The girl from New Jersey had talent from the start and Arista’s Clive Davis opened up the world to Whitney Houston and he opened her voice and her world up for all of us to listen. I’ll remember seeing all of Whitney’s videos on MTV, oh don’t get me started again on the network’s identity crisis, and they were fun, she was fun!
Hit after hit, Whitney Houston reigned the charts and she was a incredible live performer.
Then she met and married Bobby Brown. Did things change? Yes. Did she change? Sadly, yes. During this time, Houston starred in The Bodyguard and she made Dolly Parton a very happy lady when her cover of “I Will Always Love You”, which was included on the soundtrack, was a number-one hit for 14 straight weeks. The soundtrack did hold the record for consecutive weeks at number one until, ironically, Adele took over. One question that will be asked time and again during this painful process will be, is Brown the reason she’s not with us anymore? It’s a question that will never be answered. However, after watching (and enjoying) Being Bobby Brown, something was going on there that wasn’t right, and when Houston refused to appear on the show after season one, a second season would not happen. Mainly because Houston was probably really embarrassed, so embarrassed she never gave her approval for the series to be released on DVD which was good move. But it didn’t stop Houston’s spiral into troubled celebrity notoriety to rage on.
Just in the last year, there were reports Houston had fleetingly succeeded at another rehab stint, and her last big project, a remake of the 1976 film Sparkle, was off and running. The film, which also stars Jordin Sparks in the title role, wrapped production in November of last year and it is still on schedule to be released this August.
I’m still in shock and I leave you with two personal favorites…

It’s Not Right And It’s Defintely Not Okay…

I’ve been getting a daily prep sheet lately through the radio station and how this item escaped my attention earlier, I’ll never know.  Yep, Whitney Houston has checked herself back into rehab, well, it’s an “outpatient” rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.  This happened 10 days ago, but official confirmation was released this morning.  I guess Whitney will never get her life completely back on track; it’s sad she will fade into oblivion as that tragic diva who had a killer voice and had it all, but she just couldn’t quite conquer her demons.  If you have kept up with the Houston saga, you’ve seen that now her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is now, maybe, becoming an addict herself….so sad.  All I know is, this blog gave me an excuse to post this clip again:

GaGa Lays It Down, Literally.

Lady GaGa and her egg walked away with 3 Grammys last night, including, for Best Pop Vocal Album: THE FAME MONSTER–in your face Susan Boyle!!!  Now I didn’t see this live; I confess I’m a huge fan of Big Love which is in its final season on HBO; don’t worry, I have the Grammys DVR’ed, so I’ll be able to see Cee-Lo and Gwyneth and the faux-Muppets in due time.  I would re-post GaGa’s “Born This Way” performance, however, I can’t find a good copy of it, and two, it wasn’t quite the earth-shattering performance the heartland or I was expecting.  Oh, and three, I’m surprised she was on so early, so I didn’t miss it.  But I did miss her acceptance speech for her only televised award:
Yes, the censors were soooooo worried about Cee-Lo and Eminem, they forgot about possibly hitting the delay button during acceptance speeches!  Oh well, she rules, and as of this writing, I haven’t seen a story about that little expletive slipping by.  You know how CBS is about the FCC–in their faces too!!!!  By the way, only 10 Grammys were given away during the 3 and half hour live show which is totally weak.  GaGa also won for Best Pop Female Vocal Performance and Best Short Form Music Video, both for “Bad Romance”.  And somehow, Whitney Houston has been dragged into the conversation; GaGa says the pop diva was her inspiration for “Born This Way”, so Madonna will be on the bench, if only for a little while. 

Can I Get an Amen Up in Here?

I was scanning the internets tonight, when one of the main stories on Yahoo! had a story about Whitney Houston singing at the BET “Celebration of Gospel” ceremony which aired Sunday night (it was filmed last month) and she sang well??????  I know, over the past year, Houston has not sounded anywhere NEAR well.  However, the following clip proves maybe there’s still a tiny bit of vocal magic left. Look for Whitney at the 2:05 mark.  Houston is performing with Gospel diva Kim Burrell on a song that Houston recorded for her last album, R. Kelly’s “I Look To You”.
Okay, she’s still not hitting all the notes, but a little falsetto????  What’s up with that?  Could Gospel be Houston’s next calling?  I’m amazed considering she hardly had a voice on her numerous TV appearances last summer.  Good show!
BET’s “Celebration of Gospel” re-airs this Thursday night (2/3) at 7pm central.

Too Gay, Huh?: The AMA Recap…

Take two!…I was blogging and I decided to insert a video of Carrie Underwood’s horrible performance of “Cowboy Casanova” and POOF!…I erased all of my post!…I’m very angry right now!…thus, I am going with a new plan…hit the highlights!…and yes, we’ll get to Adam Lambert, Lady GaGa, Whitney Houston, Rhianna, and Janet Jackson…in fact, we’ll start with Janet…the ABC promos included this line “8 minutes of Janet Jackson to open the show”…she clocked in at a little over 7…Jackson performed a medley of her biggest hits, slipping in her new single, “Make Me”…there was a lot of old school choreography, which was a thrill…I used to know the “I Miss You Much” routine…LOL!…Paula Abdul presented the first award, Best Pop/Rock Group, to the Black Eyed Peas, other awards in first hour: Best Country Band/Duo/Group-Rascal Flatts, Best Pop/Rock Female-Taylor Swift (absent from the ceremony and she constantly had the “I’m so shocked to win this award” look on her face), Alternative Rock Artist-Green Day… best performance of the hour?…Shakira! Ferosh!

The second hour began with Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson-who lost her boobs in her dress-introducing their NINE co-star Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas…great performance!…although I was a bit scared when the speakers started dancing during “Boom Boom Pow”…yikes!…also, at the end of the performance, Will.I.Am proclaimed, “Six months No. 1, the new kings!”…?????…all righty then….Michael Jackson, posthumously, won 4 awards, all accepted by brother Jermaine…at one point, Jermaine and sons, Jerfar, Jermajesty, and Jeremy helped accept…get that?…Jackson won two awards that were televised…Best Soul/R&B Male and Best Pop/Rock Male…American Idol winner, Kris Allen was only there to present an award with tweener Demi Lovato…so sad…Rhianna’s performance was freaky and underwhelming…I swear, her outfit was left over from either Lady GaGa or the “Disturbia” video shoot…I guess when Chris Brown beat her abused her, he took the talent out of her too!…okay, since Carrie Underwood destroyed my original post, I will NOT be posting her train wreck of a performance of “Cowboy Casanova”…she was not meant to dance, I’ll just leave it at that…well, all mediocrity was erased by Lady GaGa:

TAKE THAT DICK CLARK!…right after GaGa, her husband, Perez Hilton, did a quick backstage filler…including the joke, “I ran into Derek Hough (DWTS) in the men’s room” (wink!)…oh that Perez!…Mary J. Blige killed it of course…then the biggest shock of the night, besides Adam Lambert, came when the winner of the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist was announced…GaGa was up for it, but country upstart group, Gloriana won?!?…yes, I know Gloriana, I work at a country station, but WTF?…they started their speech by saying “I’m guessing you are wondering who Gloriana is?”…the one person I saw the camera flash to in the audience? Jai Rodriguez…LMAO!… next, the Jennifer Lopez performance of “Louboutins”…and yes, she fell on her ass…I won’t bore you with it, because it wasn’t much and really, she’s not much either…moving on…

Hour three started with Samuel L. Jackson presenting the International Artist of the Year award to, ahem, Whitney Houston…who then attempted to sing “Didn’t Know My Own Strength”…folks, she’s still sweaty and her vocal register is much lower than it used to be…I just don’t know…yes, you can blame drugs, but is seems her confidence is not what it used to be either…so sad…Alicia Keys got to perform solo, after her duet with Jay-Z earlier in the evening (“Empire State of Mind”)…and I didn’t like the solo song or performance…she’s another one who is not a fan of the dance…sitting at a piano?…yes…I had seen Seth Green in the audience several times and I wondered why?…he introduced Eminem and 50 Cent…Em didn’t win anything, but I’m sure he doesn’t care..he has an Oscar for God’s sake!…another underwhelming performance? Timbaland with Nelly Furtado and Say So (a new female protege)…it paid a slight tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”…V star, Morena Baccarin and FlashForward star, Dominic Monaghan introduced Green Day…I like “21 Guns”…however, when you look at the landscape of pop music today, Green Day sort of looks out of place, not to mention Kings of Leon, who were nominated for multiple awards, including Artist of the Year…well, after Jay-Z took the Rap/Hip-Hop Male award…Ryan Seacrest presented the Artist of the Year award to Taylor Swift in London…again, I’m sick of her “shocked” face!…well, Taylor should have reserved her shocked expression for what happened next, Adam Lambert!…Rolling Stone did a follow up story on Lambert’s crazy, sex-fueled performance of “For Your Entertainment”…apparently, ABC pulled the simulated oral sex move with the guy, you know, Glambert shoved the guy’s face into his crotch?…from the West coast broadcast…but they didn’t remove the moment when Lambert grabbed his “straight” keyboard player for a deep throat session…here’s one quote from Lambert from the Rolling Stone blurb:
“Adrenaline is crazy and sometimes things just happen,” said Lambert after the show. “We had this great dance number totally staged. It’s a sexy song about seduction and power and I was just doing the lyrics justice. My intention was not to try and create a controversy. But if a controversy ensues, then so be it.”

I think we will end on that note….oh yeah, buy Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment and Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster today or sometime this week!…I’ll be buying my copies Tuesday!…I’m pumped!


When In Doubt…Blame Oprah…

All right, well Whitney Houston’s pre-taped appearance shown on Good Morning America today turned out as bad as I thought it would…realistically, she hasn’t performed like this in something like ten years…and not surprisingly, it showed…in her first perfomance of the Alicia Keys penned “Million Dollar Bill”, Houston basically had her back-up singers and her AUDIENCE carry the weight…oh come on…well in a clip that popped up online yesterday, Houston blamed her poor singing voice on talking too much in her Oprah interview which is set to air September 14…here’s “Million Dollar Bill”…notice the long intro that has nothing to do with the song:

My friends, I know this is just the start of all this big promotion, but I see an EPIC FAIL in one of the greatest divas in history’s world…it’s very sad, but we may all be fooled…

Paula + Divas Live! = ????????????

Well, the crunk sabbatical is already over…Paula Abdul, via Twitter, announced Tuesday she would be hosting the VH1’s “Divas Live!” show on September 17th…I’ve already let my displeasure be known about Miley Cyrus being included as one of the divas…however, the article I just found has mentioned Jordin Sparks will be joining the show as another diva, which is cool as hell!…so Sparks joins Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Leona Lewis, and Miley Cyrus…now one detail I’ve also discovered, is that the show will air LIVE?!?…I’m trying to remember if “Divas Las Vegas” was live…if so, whoa nelly!….

Wouldn’t it be funny if after all the rumors, Paula plays eveything totally straight for her new gig, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a dance number, that’s all she can really do…I’m still holding out for a unscheduled appearance by Whitney Houston…hello!?! which by the way, the new Whitney songs I’ve heard thus far?…not too good…and it won’t be good if all the promotion that has gone into her big comeback appearances and album fail…after all:

Have a great day humping!


Divas Live 2009 Line-up

It’s time to play that old SESAME STREET sing-along game “One of These Things is Not Like the Other”…VH1 has announced the line-up for its resurrected “Divas Live” show and well, they have dropped the ball on at least one of these…um, Miley Cyrus???…you are joking right?!?

As you can see, the others are really good: Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, and Adele…Miley Cyrus cannot sing! and how did the powers that be at VH1 decide Cyrus was worthy of sharing the stage with such amazing voices???…this is all very baffling…Cyrus is hot for the tween crowd, but for the crowd that appreciates a good diva?…ME HELLO?!?…they have let all of us down…

Now there could be a surprise in store for this installment of divas, with maybe an appearance by someone who has an album coming out close to the airdate of the new “Divas” show:


Okay, I know the picture is small, but Whitney Houston is set to release her comeback cd in early September, “Divas Live” is schedule to air September 17…things that make you go hmmmm?….I wouldn’t put it past VH1 to make that happen and would it not be perfect???…great promotion for Whitney’s new album and the crackhead can sing!…it makes sense…

What do you think of this whole hot mess?