These People Again?…Wait, Only One I Know.

Oh boy; could this be happening again?  Yes! It is.  As you can see, the only “real” lesbian returning from season 1 of The Real L Word is Whitney, well, if you count Romi, which I’m sure Whitney does (do the words strap-on ring a bell?)  She is now a regular for season 2.  I thought female Don Juan, Rose would be back, but it’s not to be.  Although I never recall seeing their wedding they spent all of season 1 planning, Nikki & Jill won’t be back.  Neither will Tracey, the one who struggled to come out to her family and she dated stand-up comedienne Stamie.  
We’ll meet 5 new ladies in season 2, including another couple, Kaci and Cory, who have been married for five years and now they want to start a family.  Claire and her -ex Francine join the mix; Claire is staring an online lesbian magazine while Francine will be the one this season who is struggling to come out to her “traditional Japanese mother”  OY!  We all remember Romi, yeah, okay, and she is now sporting her own girlfriend, Kelsey, which with how flirty Romi can be, this relationship will probably be in trouble.  Last but not least joining the mix is LGBT activist, Sajdah, who was once her high school prom queen and is now “butch”, how sweet!  
The video teaser is up at The Real L Word Season 2 Teaser
Season premiere: June 5th at 9pm-Central-on Showtime…I’ll give it a go…