American Idol and North Korea In The Same Blog

I swear I go into every week thinking about one great thing to write about and then my non-diagnosed ADD kicks in. So, I’ll touch on a few things that have been on my mind, foreign and domestic.

Speaking of foreign…

"Um, not unless you have JAWS" (

“Um, not unless you have JAWS” (

Yes, North Korea’s new Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un has many aspirations of attacking someone other than South Korea, but why anyone would be concerned is beyond me. You can watch all those videos of N. Korea’s nelly-looking military, alas, don’t be frightened my babies. I think what’s more frightening is this propoganda video showing how Americans live. We apparently eat and drink a hell of a lot of snow. Do the N. Koreans really buy this nonsense? We all live in tents and abandoned buildings and it looks like we are rescued at the Disney monorail at the end. If anything, this video is a perfect plant for examining homelessness somewhere, I’m not sure all of that video was shot in the US. And although N. Korea has almost always been a dictatorship, the US will not intervene, at least not until we fear their weapons are stronger than a Nerf dart gun. Moving on…

That suit is so bad. (American Idol Facebook)

That suit is so bad. (American Idol Facebook)

I predict 2013 will be the year the American Idol ship finally sinks. Why? Well let’s begin with the sinking ratings. Idol’s target demographic (18-49) continues to abandon the reality monster every single week. Does it still come in at no. 1 every Wednesday night? You bet, but the show isn’t pummeling the competition like it used to. And for the first time, vote totals are really, really low. Despite the new SuperVote, which is where you can submit 50 votes online however you like, something or someone is still not bringing in hordes of numbers and viewers. My brief thoughts on the new judges. I like Keith Urban, but he’s very much a “yes man”. Viewers are not liking Nicki Minaj, but she is the best damn thing to happen to the show in 12 years. Okay, I still miss Mr. Cowell, but Minaj has mutated Cowell’s biting critcism, Paula’s incoherency, and Randy’s, well Randy’s nothing into real and honest critiques. And last, and certainly least, Mariah Carey has contributed nothing and they are paying her way too much to sit there and play with her hair. Well, she did contribute a fistful of glitter after (ICYMI) Candice Glover’s bad-ass cover of “Lovesong”. Golf clap for Mimi. And then, there’s this Lazaro problem. Here’s what I think is happening. Uncle Nigel (Lythgoe) is somehow manipulating the voting to where Lazaro, despite his poor-ass singing ability, yet “inspirational story” hook is keeping him around. It’s really embarrassing, yet how much behind the scenes prodding and manipulating is going on, no one really knows. And even though he has earned (?) a spot on the Idols Tour, there is no way in hell I would let him go out there every night and not only embarrass himself, but embarrass the Idol brand. I hope Kree Harrison, although she really needs to step up her performance style, wins, if not, Candice Glover for sure deserves it. But if Lazaro goes to the finale or wins? Mass viewer exodus will ensue.

Finally, I saw the new Evil Dead…eh.




Skyfall–The Stuff That Happened This October First Week

Sometimes my brain hurts, not my head, my brain. Most nights I can’t sleep because I have about a billion thoughts running through my head from “what am I eating tomorrow?” to “What happened to Britney Spears’ face?”, I’m serious here. This past week was a biggie for pop culture and the state of the union. Although I won’t be able to cover everything, I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on the highlights. Let’s do this!

First, this picture of former third party Presidential candidate and billionaire H. Ross Perot:

“Now see here, I’m a G-man!” (

Okay, the photo is six years old, but I find it humorously fascinating. USA Today recently interviewed Perot and basically, he’s not impressed with President Obama or Governor Romney. Imagine that. Plus, he’s not all that confident a third party candidate can shake things up anymore. He may be old, but he has a point. Roseanne Barr, who is running as a candidate for the “Peace & Freedom” party is on the ballot in only 3 states right now and I just discovered her running mate is…Cindy Sheehan, oh dear. And I find it interesting Barr is NOT on the ballot in the state where she makes her home now, Hawaii. Hey, every little bit counts. I salute you HRP!

A Hot Mess of a Debate and Romney Wants to cut PBS (Big Bird reference required).

“You son of a bitch, a Muppet?” (

Ah, the Presidential Debates. The four, now three chances the country has left to decide who would be better at doing the President thing. Frankly, Wednesday night’s debate, to me, came off as a hot mess. God bless Jim Lehrer, he tried to set the time limits, he tried to get in a word edgewise, bless him. Romney came off as if he had chugged a case of 5 Hour Energy and Obama, sans teleprompter, was like “seriously bitch?” The President wasn’t at his strongest and the Governor pounced and he pounced hard. And Romney, who stated he would cut PBS, did it by evoking the name of one of the network’s most popular character’s, Big Bird, oh bitch, you made a big boo-boo there! When did educational television become so taboo? At least you have to give Romney credit, he outright said he would do it, that’s rare honesty. Next up, the VP debate in Danville, KY. No, I won’t be going. Security will be mega-tight. And pep up Barack!

The Maybe Made-Up Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey American Idol feud.

This show needs all the help it can get, even if it’s at the expense of a false claim of violence. So, you may or may not have seen the video of Minaj losing it over Carey’s diva-tude. Oh, what the hell, let’s watch it again, courtesy of TMZ.

Even if this is all a publicity stunt as Minaj claims, it’s not good for viewers, who for some odd reason, still love the show. And then Mariah Carey told Barbara Walters that Minaj threatened to shoot her. Is Uncle Nigel really this desperate? I say yes. Of course the producers gloss over all of this by saying that this panel is the most “dynamic and passionate they’ve ever had.” Right. One of my friends said we may not see Minaj by the time the show airs in January. I say that’s a fair statement, or at least the producers will threaten to fire her and there’s go the publicity machine again. I’m over it.

The Lone Ranger trailer debuts to a less than stellar reception.

Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski, Johnny Depp! How can this go wrong? And to be fair, this is the first trailer. But the first trailer is key. It’s too bad most of this one has way too much production logo nonsense. Eh, here it is.

The First Look At Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison on VH1’s Couples Therapy.

Unfortunately, I have to link to this clip, and I have no words. Click here!

Adele’s Bond Theme “Skyfall” Debuts…and it’s awesome!

Since the British mega-songstress is getting read for the birth of her first child, this may be the last new music we hear from her for a while and it’s really good. She’s left us in a good place. Enjoy.

The movie will hit theaters on November 9th.

Oh and the St. Louis Cardinals, dodging bottles and other drink receptacles, survived their Wild Card playoff against the Atlanta Braves and will now enter the Division series to face the team my brother-in-law roots for now, the Washington Nationals. So annoying. Red October is here!



Doomsday Comes Early Or ‘Idol’ Keeps Randy Jackson AS A JUDGE?!?

Apocalypse Yesterday! (Flickr/tanyagelman)

You know, for a few weeks there, I thought the American Idol producers had finally come to their senses. They were going to shift Randy Jackson from the judges’ table to a mentoring role on the show next season in order to make room for an all-star judging panel, headed by his old buddy Mariah Carey. Unfortunately, some dreams just don’t come true.

Both TMZ and TVLine broke the news today that Jackson has indeed been thrown a lifeline and he will remain at the judges’ table for another season; 12 seasons, 10, soon-to-be 11 years, I smack my head. And you know why I bet Jackson is staying as a judge?

“I give my all, to this mediocre dawg.” (Flickr/Music Star22)

I also believe all that talk about a “fourth judge” a la Kara DioGuardi, then Ellen DeGeneres, has now been reserved for Jackson, who will join Carey, and two judges, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, who have both still been unable to sign the dotted line. No matter the outcome on just who will be joining the old married couple, American Idol is finished! Yes, like the Mayan calendar that ends on December 21st, I predict the upcoming season of ‘Idol’ will be its last. At some point, Fox has to acknowledge they have other better shows to focus on and to promote, not so fast GLEE! I’ll have to reserve my comments for another post, but I think GLEE has to step it up or they are in danger. I’ll just say this, I know the network is trying to keep its audience after The X-Factor USA by putting the dramedy on Thursdays, but I thinks it’s a cop out and we’ll never see if GLEE can compete with season 3 of The Voice. A friend pointed out to me last night, this is the second run of The Voice this year, which is smart. ‘Idol’ always launches in late January/early February, it ends in May, and it’s another eight months until the next season.

The wild card in all of this is The X-Factor USA which finally premieres its second season, with Britney and Demi Lovato in tow, this week. Simon Cowell  expressed upset after NBC revealed last week an extra installment of The Voice would go head-to-head with the premiere of The X-Factor USA this Wednesday. I’m not sure, but it may just be for this week or for the duration of the Blind Audition rounds. It’s going to be a dogfight for sure, on-screen and off.

And I know I’ve said this before, I hope ‘Idol’ keeps Jimmy Iovine, who would make a great fourth judge, oh well…

What Was The Last Week Of August

I scribbled down a list yesterday of at least six subjects I wanted to touch on and I think I’m pleased. These won’t necessarily be in chronological order, but it’s all stuff that was talked about. Obviously, Clint Eastwood’s RNC “taking to an invisible Obama” was the most-talked about.

I’m still not sure what exactly went on. Was there a teleprompter? Who the hell thought of this? And did Eastwood’s imaginary scalding of the President hurt Mitt Romney’s chances at the White House? Honestly, I don’t think any faux pas at this point will help Romney; it just depends on what type of voter you are. Are you totally absorbed with every word the media spews on the election? or are you going to go on instinct? You have time and believe me, there will be missteps by both candidates to scrutinize. All I know is, Eastwood’s antics will be mocked at this week’s DNC. And scene!

While Vice Presidential candidate and Matthew Morrison doppleganger spoke to the delegates Wednesday night, no one was watching, they were watching this:

I was fully expecting Momma June to get up and ask “How YOU doin’?” It didn’t happen, but we were treated to June’s “forklift foot” and even though it was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen (seriously, does she ever WASH her feet?) the toe looked like many I’ve seen on my Dad’s side of the family. Not impressed. Alas, I was watching Honey Boo Boo instead of Paul Ryan and so were millions of other Americans. Now, the conventions are usually lame, until the nominee speaks, and even though I bored to tears by Romney, it’s sad when a very important RNC is overshadowed by Alana and her fart face. Speaking of fart faces, here’s an unfortunately ill-timed shot of Tan Mom aka Patricia Krencil as she was roasted (bad choice of words) at a gay bar last week, oh and she was thrown out!

That chair was stained with more than tanning oil! (Getty Images/Andrew H. Walker)

On Friday, news broke that longtime American Idol judge Randy Jackson was demoted to a “mentor” role for the upcoming season. I called it! At this point, I really don’t care who will fill out the judges’ table, but I do care if Jimmy Iovine is bumped in favor of the Dawg. Let’s face it, Randy will be as useless as a mentor as he was as a judge. Lord help us!

“Come on dawg! I was in Journey for five minutes! (

On Saturday, Burt Bacharch’s longtime lyric collaborator Hal David passed away at 91. While Bacharach and David wrote many hits for Dionne Warwick, they composed some of the movies’ most famous tunes, including the Oscar-nominated theme song from 1966’s Alfie.

And finally, another YouTube gem was brought to my attention, Nick Pitera’s one-man Les Miserables medley. I was skeptical, but it’s really good, and it’s getting me more fired up for the new movie version coming out December 14th. Witness and sob!

If you scan YouTube, Pitera also has one-man performances of Phantom of the Opera, Newsies!, and a medley of Disney movie tunes. YOU GO GIRL!

Former Idol Contestant Todrick Hall Finds Second Life On YouTube And It’s Worth Watching

I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember Todrick Hall on American Idol. I know he just missed the top 12. However, I always remember a name. When I was looking up info on Hall, I discovered he was in fact part of a stage version of The Color Purplebut when he ventured out to do his own musical, and this was pre-Idol, there was controversy over the production because Hall was going to make kids PAY to be in the show. Again, I have no memory as to if this was mentioned on the show. All I remember was season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino missed nearly 50 performances of the musical on Broadway. Let’s not get into that train wreck.

One day a few weeks ago, a friend of mine on Facebook tagged me in a video, well, tagged me to watch a video and it cracked me up! The name of the video is “Beauty and the BEAT!”. Okay, so we all remember Micah McCain’s hilarious send-up of “Belle” entitled “Hey Girl!”, but Hall’s parody takes “Belle” to another level. Just picture if Belle, played another Season 9 contestant who did make the top 12, Katie Stevens, lived in the ‘hood.

Hilarious! Well, Hall just released a new video today called “CinderFella” and it’s NOT a parody of the 1960 Jerry Lewis classic, it’s…a little different. This video has an all-star cast, just see how many you can spot. I’ll go ahead and spoil one for you, Aubrey O’Day. But other than that, it’s interesting.

Wow! I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. By the way, he actually has two YouTube accounts, one has more silly stuff, the main one with the music videos is small, but I’m sure it will grow…like Pinocchio’s nose.




As Expected, Steven Tyler And Jennifer Lopez Exit Idol, Randy Jackson M.I.A.


I’ll be honest, I never thought Steven Tyler or Jennifer Lopez were the best American Idol judges. Away from the show, both are talented entertainers who know when to leave. So is Idol really a sinking ship? Not necessarily, but whomever takes those judging seats will have to exceed expectations big time. The Adam Lambert story has quieted down since early this week, but I would say he’s definitely in the running for a seat whether it’s taking Randy’s place or one of the big name seats.

So, what about the Yo Dawg? His camp, if he has one, has stayed quiet on season 12 contract negotiations. I read somewhere this week that Jackson could possibly stay on the show as a mentor. Excuse me? I’m sorry but why would a someone who is not know for singing be a mentor in a SINGING competition? Come on Idol, grow a pair! Do you really want to sign another multimillion dollar paycheck over to Randy Jackson? I’m not saying that all that money has been wasted, but enough is enough.

The current names being thrown around for judges include, Mariah Carey, who missed out on a mentoring role in season one of The X-Factor USA, Mary J. Blige (eh, maybe), and Celine Dion, I like that one. Perez Hilton is once again campaigning (not sure if he’s completely serious) for a judge’s seat. Perez would be good, but I don’t think he’s a familiar enough name to certain audience age groups, aka, the older ones. I think the idea of throwing a younger artist into the mix as a judge is really the direction the producers need to go. Katy Perry would be great, but she’s extremely busy. Now if you’re telling me the producers are “considering” Miley Cyrus, back that thing up! Not a good idea. The other younger names rumored to be on the list, Nicki Minaj (wild card!) and Fergie, yes, Will.I.Am, NO!

At this point, I would like to see: Adam, maybe Jimmy Iovine, and I’m undecided on who the female judge should be. Oh wait! Shania Twain was great when she guest judged some auditions and she mentored one week, two years ago (???) However, Twain’s name has not come up so far, or I should say, yet. It wouldn’t be a complete curve ball, but it would change the game for sure.

I just pray Nigel Lythgoe’s contract is NOT renewed! Stay tuned…

Adam Lambert > Randy Jackson?

Yes ma’am! (CasparGirl/Flickr)

This is such a no-brainer, it’s a little funny. E! Online News broke the story Sunday night that Adam Lambert is being considered as a judge for season 12 of American Idol, and for once, the producers are finally getting with it.

Although ratings for the Idol monster are still good, as in, the show still wins its time slot every week, the numbers have not been as impressive since all the various judge shake-ups have taken place, not to mention recent years of crowning lackluster winners. According to the E! story, they say Jennifer Lopez is for sure NOT coming back, but other sources haven’t confirmed it. Naturally, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler are not confirmed to be coming back either. And the biggest shocker in the story, master manipulator/producer Uncle Nigel Lythgoe may also be exiting. So a serious attempt at a re-vamp may actually happen this time. No mention of Seacrest, but he’s not the reason people are not tuning in, but he might be.

In today’s rumblings, Lambert is being sought to replace Jackson, who has been there since the beginning. Um, I think Jackson should have been let go when Simon Cowell left. If the series wants to do a revitalization right, they must get rid of Jackson, no question. After Cowell’s departure, I guess the idea was to make Randy the mean, critical judge, that never happened. The only honest person on the show these days is record executive/mentor Jimmy Iovine, who I think deserves a judge’s slot. His pre-taped critiques have been the most blunt in analyzing each contestant’s performances. Plus, Iovine can be likable without dancing around and sputtering out catch phrases. Same goes for Lambert.

He will be real and he will be helpful. The only fear I have is if Adam decides to judge is that he’ll miss out on going forward with own career. I don’t want him to be pigeon-holed as a “judge on American Idol“, he will be great, but I hope he can still devote the time he wants to his other priorities. This will mark the first time a former Idol competitor will be able to relate directly to the hopefuls and the manic process they go through. It’s the missing piece the show needs, but will it be enough? And I have this question, the season 12 auditions are going on now, who is out there judging them? Stay tuned…

Donna Summer Gets Bumped AGAIN, Attack Of The Catsuits, And P2 Wins American Idol

When I read who all was going to be performing with the American Idol finalists yesterday, I got very excited, and in the end, I fast forwarded through A LOT when I got home. I was most excited Kristin Chenoweth was going to join now runner-up Jessica Sanchez in a Donna Summer tribute. Well, I had totally forgotten about it, but then I realized, they probably cut it from the show. Seriously??? They hauled out John Fogerty for winner  Phillip Phillips, Chaka Khan (we’ll return to her in a moment) for the ladies, and Neil Diamond for the guys, but they CUT Donna Summer?!? I did some investigating, because I knew there had to be an explanation as to why the tribute medley didn’t happen. Several media outlets promoted Chenoweth’s appearance, but then I couldn’t find why we didn’t see her. I checked Chenoweth’s Twitter and I finally saw an answer:

Wrong again Uncle Nigel! Did he honestly forget that Summer was a guest judge and performed with the girls on the finale in Season 7? I’m more angry over this bump than I am the Billboard Music Awards bump. Not cool!

As far as what I did watch on the finale, there were some odd moments and one spectacular performance. First of all, Joshua Ledet had confessed his love for Season 3 winner Fantasia all season long, so, he got to do a duet with her. However, this is what Fantasia wore:

Someone’s late for her Catwoman audition! (Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Meow-what?!? Not only did Fantasia barely strut around in a catsuit that I’m pretty sure she found at drag queen rummage sale in North Carolina, but she donned a less than fabulous weave. I hate to say all of that distracted me from hearing if she could still sing. I hope Josh is happy now, and hopefully, he’s a little disappointed. All right, well, moving on, the female finalists sang a Chaka Khan medley, and I read she was going to be on the show, but I wasn’t ready for what she was wearing:

No words (John Shearer/Invision/AP)

Okay, two facts: 1. She is 59 and 2. She recently lost 60 pounds. Great news! And although Khan’s catsuit was far superior to Fantasia’s, I think she could have worn something different, like maybe a fitted dress. When Khan finally came out, she had to be literally carried down the steps by Idol’s on-stage dancing entourage. I was watching it with a friend and we couldn’t decide if there was a camel toe issue. I know the people at SPANX were very happy after Wednesday night.

The other odd moment for me was Season 5 finalist Ace Young proposing marriage to Season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo. The ways producers come up with filler for a two hour show is staggering. I mean no one cares. Congratulations, but it was filler.

The best performance of the night came when Jessica Sanchez was joined by Tony-winner Jennifer Holliday for a fierce rendition of Holliday’s Dreamgirls essential, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”. Oh Lord, this was awesome! Here’s my problem, in my eyes, Holliday is the ONLY woman/diva who should ever sing that song. The evidence is when Holliday joined her Dreamgirls movie and Oscar-winning Effie White counterpart Jennifer Hudson on-stage in Atlanta three years ago…just watch and listen for the “Oh my Gods”. If this doesn’t give you the goosies, you are not a music fan.

I give props to Jessica for holding her own with Holliday who looked like she was trying to bite off Sanchez’s face on certain phrases. And when Sanchez took on the showstopper during the season, I knew she had a fair shot at making the finale and maybe winning. But NOOOOOO! The Vote for the Worst site guy/gal (no one knows) may take credit for the fifth straight “white guy with guitar” win, but Phillip Phillips did all by himself and he’s probably on his way for his much needed kidney surgery that could have possibly knocked him out of the finale altogether.

Seriously America, I’m in a lot of pain, but thanks. (Yahoo)

In less than two weeks, the auditions for season 12 will begin…yep, it will keep going and going and going and going, you get the point.

American Idol 3rd Placers: Where Are They Now?

Tonight’s season 11 American Idol finale will be without Joshua Ledet, who I think has nothing to worry about as far as carving his own path in the music business. When Ryan Seacrest said “Jessica Sanchez” as the first finalist, Ledet was toast. Sanchez will face this year’s heartthrob/charity case (too harsh?) Phillip Phillips for the season 11 crown. Honestly, I don’t care who wins, but I would prefer Jessica aka BeBe Chez since it’s been five seasons since a female won. I love Jordin Sparks! I thought it would be neat if we looked back at the past ten 3rd place contestants, and see where Joshua’s fate fits in.

Season One: Nikki McKibbin I’ll always hear “Piece of my Heart” when I think of Nikki McKibbin on Idol. Although McKibbin was initially signed to 19 Management and RCA Records after Idol was over, they wanted her to record a country album, she refused, bye-bye major record deal. The next time I saw McKibbin was four years ago on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1. Yes, she had major problems, alcohol and drug abuse. I hated to see that happen, but a part of me wasn’t surprised. She’s been sober since 2009.

Season Two: Kimberley Locke This Belmont grad gave up her day job as an administrative assistant to audition in her hometown of Nashville, and I didn’t really think Kimberley Locke would go as far as she did, but as with every season of Idol, I was proven wrong. Locke’s post-Idol career hasn’t been as rocky. She signed with Curb Records and had a modest hit, “8th World Wonder”. After parting ways with Curb, Locke signed with (gulp!) Idol judge Randy Jackson’s Dream Merchant 21 label, but she only released one single. Nowadays, Locke is running her own label/entertainment company, I AM Entertainment. Lest we forget, Locke also appeared on season 5 of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club where she was constantly berated by Screech/Dustin Diamond, he was/still is a mega-bastard. Here’s a ditty from the group round, with disqualified contestant Frenchie Davis.

Season Three: Jasmine Trias Here’s our first 3rd placer who has not really had any post-Idol success in America. I would call Jasmine Trias one of the weaker contestants ever on the show. In fact, she may be the weakest out of all the 3rd placers. She does share a distinction with Jessica Sanchez, both are the only Filipino-Americans to reach the top 4 and top 3, and well, I guess Sanchez would be the first to make the finals. And where has the bulk of Trias’ success been, in the Philippines! Jasmine’s last whereabouts? In 2009 performing in Vegas with the Society of Seven, but she left the show a year later. The YouTube collection was bare or many were removed, but here’s “I’ll Never Love This Way Again”. Aloha!

Season Four: Vonzell Solomon Back to the good stuff. Vonzell Solomon was our first 3rd placer to be railroaded out of the finale which was made up of winner Carrie Underwood and runner-up Bo Bice. Solomon’s post-Idol career has had its non-music moments. Her Florida home burned in 2007, in 2008, Solomon was detained by security at a Florida airport when an unloaded gun was discovered in her luggage. But since she had a license to carry the weapon, she not arrested and charges were not pressed. And since Solomon was the highest-finishing contestant NOT offered a record contract from Idol (What?, this is the first time I’ve heard this!), she started her own independent label, Melodic Records. Baby V has the distinction of singing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” on Idol and the song has been to death on the show ever since. Unfortunately, all of Solomon’s Idol performance videos have been pulled off YouTube. However, here is her “Idol Journey” video, it’s the best I could do, I guess she got thrown under the bus again.

Season Five: Eillott Yamin Season Five is where things started to get weird. Finishing behind Yamin in 4th place was Chris Daughtry, and we all know by now how big a success he’s become, oops America! Yamin is another 3rd placer who has not been totally forgotten. He ended up with a publishing deal at Sony/ATV and his post-Idol career started out slow. It wasn’t until a year after Idol that Yamin scored his first and only top 40 hit, “Wait For You”. His charity work has been more prominent in his post-Idol days as he appeared alongside then judge Kara DioGuardi in Angola as part of the Idol Gives Back special. He is also a help to juvenile diabetes charities as he was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was 16. Here is hands down Yamin’s best Idol performance, “A Song for You”

Season Six: Melinda Doolittle I love me some her! Another Nashville girl, Melinda Doolittle was by far one of my favorite contestants ever. Like Joshua Ledet, it seemed like week to week, she could do no wrong. I’d say, to a degree, she was a bit railroaded out of the finals which consisted of Blake Lewis (what the hell does he do now!?!) and the last female winner, Jordin Sparks. In fact, when Simon Cowell appeared on Good Morning America, he said the season six title should have gone to Doolittle. Wow! One of the reasons I REALLY miss Simon. Post-Idol Doolittle’s recording career hasn’t been the best, but I love seeing her on TV Line writer Michael Slezak’s weekly web series, Idology. She also mourns the loss of Ledet in the competition. Here’s the performance that might have gotten her the ax…but I still love her!

Season Seven: Syesha Mercado Now that’s a name I did not remember. Syesha Mercado‘s post-Idol career? Thin. Much like Vonzell and Trias, Mercado is another one who just couldn’t quite break through after the show and Idols Live! tour. As you’ll see in her Wikipedia, she done some theater and that’s about it. Here’s one of her top 3 week performances, “If I Ain’t Got You”

Season Eight: Danny Gokey Surprisingly, Danny Gokey went country post-Idol. I always liked his voice, but it just got old by the end. And Gokey was one of the first contestants to bring a sad story along with him, his wife of 12 years died four weeks before he auditioned. I work in country radio, so I’m very familiar with Gokey’s first country single he put out in 2009, “My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me”. As of November of last year, Gokey is no longer with RCA Nashville. Oh those glasses!

Season Nine: Casey James This is the only “White Guy With Guitar” in the competition I mildly enjoyed. Casey James came into Idol with rock and blues roots and he delivered just about every week. Another “White Guy With Guitar” would win season 9, where in the world is Lee DeWyze??? His only time in the bottom 3 was when he took on Shania Twain’s “Don’t”…huh? Post-Idol, Casey is only other Idol person besides Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Scotty McCreery to currently chart a single, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night”. It peaked at 21, not bad. His follow-up, “Crying on a Suitcase” is set to hit country radio in June. Here’s Casey in his Idol days with John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy”

Season Ten: Haley Reinhart Okay, here’s where I really didn’t care anymore. I never liked Haley Reinhart, sorry Steven Tyler and Michael Slezak. She’s another one who falls into the “weak” contestant category for me. Her growl made me angry, and what made me the most angry? When she pulled out a Lady GaGa song THAT HAD YET TO BE OFFICIALLY RELEASED by Mother Monster! The worst idea ever. But she had that whole “Led Zeppelin” thing on her side and she clawed her way into the top 3. Reinhart still has a major deal with Interscope/19, but I doubt she’ll keep it for very long. UGH! Though it pains me, here’s “You and I” from Idol.

So who will take the crown? And will Josh Ledet outsell him or her? Who’s your favorite 3rd placer?


Three Albums I Will Be Purchasing Soon Or Sometime This Summer

May is when all media is at a fever pitch. TV season finales, new and returning TV shows start airing, the summer blockbuster season gets into full swing (although I don’t know what movie can outdo The Avengers) and, all kinds of new music is out there for the taking, well, buying. Here’s three I must get my hands on….

1. Adam Lambert: Trespassing

I miss the glittery outer space Adam

As of Tuesday, Trespassing is good to go. For all my cynical, asshole berating of American Idol, Adam Lambert has been by far my favorite in the past five years. As you recall, he didn’t win, but the winner (Kris Allen that season) always ends up being a bigger loser when it comes to album sales and overall staying power. Lambert’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, has achieved platinum status and any time an artist’s album and single sales are very good, he/she/they will be sticking around for a while. Although I’m not a fan of every single track I’ve heard, Lambert has included many more upbeat/dance tracks this time around. What I love about Glambert is that he’s not afraid to take a risk, and maybe more ex-Idols should do that. Losers!

2. Scissor Sisters: Magic Hour

Can you say “trippy”?

Yes, anything the Sisters do, I’m in! Less than two years after Night Work and a few concert dates opening for Lady GaGa, the Sisters return for another intellectual, if not gay-gay-gay, wild ride. When one of the tracks is entitled, “Let’s Have a KiKi”, oh yes. But here’s my continuing argument for the Sisters, I will never understand why they can’t break through to the mainstream. They have certainly achieved a cult status and they have a huge fan base, but radio programmers, in the US anyway, shy away. It’s 2012 people! And the last time I checked, a hell of lot of people LOVE to dance. As with Adam Lambert’s new album, at least two of the tracks on Magic Hour were co-written and produced by Pharrell Willams. Williams is the co-writer and producer of Lambert’s title track, “Trespassing” (one I don’t care for), but we’ll see what he’s got going on with the Sisters. Magic Hour will be in stores May 29th.

3. Garbage: Not Your Kind of People

Clean and direct

How long has it been since we’ve heard anything new from Garbage? Not counting 2008’s greatest hits collection Absolute Garbage, it’s been six years! However a band like Garbage can take off like that, but not for too long. Drummer Butch Vig was last seen as producer of one of my favorite rock records of last year, Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light. Shirley Manson dabbled in acting, I still regret not tuning in for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it ran for two abbreviated seasons. Oh well. One major change, this new album is on Garbage’s own label, STUNVOLUME, so maybe they took their time in order to get more creative control. I’ve only heard “Blood for Poppies” and I loved it. Not Your Kind of People was also released this week.