A Recap Of Things I Should Have Written About Already

This past week was mega-busy for me. Needless to say, I haven’t had a chance to blog or think or sleep. Now I have a chance to do a recap of some things I found fascinating last week.

Psy, “Gangnam Style” and his 15 minutes

A friend of mine called Psy’s “Gangnam Style” this generation’s “Rock Me Amadeus” which would make Psy the late Falco? South Korean rapper/crazy-ass dancer Psy has literally been everywhere. From the MTV VMAs to Ellen to last week’s SNL season premiere. Although I recall seeing a clip of Psy more than a month ago on Chelsea Lately and there was no way I thought this nut bar would take off. Now I could show one of those obnoxious dance videos, but instead, here’s drummer Matt Harw00d-Jones playing along with “Gangnam Style”, and this isn’t the only one.

Courtney Stodden gets an age-appropriate makeover

What? No more F-me look?!? It’s true…the photo.

Nice daughter you have there (wordever.com)

So supposedly, this was done to quell all those plastic surgery rumors. Right, whatever makes you happy honey.

Mitt Romney just won’t quit

But didn’t he look great in this interview?

We get it Mittens! (abcnews.go.com)

Good God, I cannot WAIT to NOT vote for this clown! Bottom line, Mittens’ father was born to AMERICAN parents in Mexico. That’s it, that’s where this appeal to the Latino vote ends. And I’m sorry, but his “47 percent” comment could be the final nail in the coffin. Seriously, shouldn’t you be trying to get EVERYONE, not matter who they are to vote for you? That’s how you win a Presidential election. I’m over it.

Is Lady GaGa really that hefty or is it an optical illusion?

Although GaGa has admitted to gaining 25 pounds, the camera may be a little less harsh than we’ve seen. It’s this photo from an event in Europe where she wears another meat outfit that has created the buzz.

Meat is good! (nydailynews.com/Splash News)

I mean are her thighs really as big around as a country ham? And honestly, how can she perform a high-energy, dance-laden show and not keep in shape? It’s all very weird, but do we turn up our noses at the fuller figure? Of course not. March 10th, Nashville, I’m there!

Where were you when Honey Boo Boo sneezed?

Yeah, if 2012 is our last year on Earth, I’m glad we got to see that. Season finale, tw0-thumbed baby, it’s this week! Set your DVRs!!!!

Finally, I love Hanson again.

Ah, Hanson. I swear I thought that one that has 30 kids was a girl when I first saw the “MMMBop” video. As the brothers continue to make music and pro-create at a record pace, they have time to cover what is turning out to be Taylor Swift’s biggest song ever. WATCH!