‘GLEE’ And I Have Irreconcilable Differences

All right, I know I’ve been a champion of ‘Glee’ in the past, but this is how I feel now when I watch it.

Mime stuff! (fox.com/glee)

Mime stuff! (fox.com/glee)

I don’t know if it’s because Cory Montieth unexpectedly passed away or the writers are desperate for ideas (example, last week when Artie had his STD scare, really?!?), but ‘Glee’ is on the verge of being eliminated in my viewing queue. Honestly, even if Montieth/Finn had lived, I still think the show would have suffered creatively. When I look back at the excitement I felt five years ago when the pilot premiered, the show, the idea, they were so fresh. Ryan Murphy and his co-creators took a new look at the high school outcast scenario; he gave them a voice and the gift of song; a purpose for the outcasts and the secret singing jock. ‘Glee’ was not going to be “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, oh no, it was going to take those students’ struggles and catapult them into primetime with a weekly lesson in the choir room. And that first season’s big story, the star cheerleader, Quinn, gets pregnant, and jock turned glee club member is led to believe the baby is his. Yeah, it’s a trite story, but when music helped to tell the story which would end in heartbreak for the young quarterback, the show was at its best. Five years later, both Quinn and Finn are gone, and their former classmates are all trying to “make a go of it” in New York City a la the kids from Fame or Stephen Sondheim. In the end, the NYC move and really the entire series has been centered around Rachel (Lea Michele) and her goal to star as Fanny Brice on Broadway. What do you know? It happened! I understand that when her late on-screen/off-screen boyfriend died, the show had to be re-tooled, but come on, why did it have to be so predictable?

You have the Clap? How icky! (fox.com/glee)

You have the Clap? How icky! (fox.com/glee)

I think we all knew certain members of the original McKinley High Glee Club, I’m sorry, New Directions, had a limited shelf life. Yes, I’m talking about you Tina Cohen-Chang. I’m sure Jenna Ushkovitz is a nice girl, and she can sing, but she will never be able to escape that character, who was a truly selfish person, and I’m sorry, but very unlikeable. I NEVER liked Tina, because she also had a chip on her shoulder and she felt like she had to stutter to get attention?!? Weird, but other characters were so stereotyped, they also became unbearable to watch. Case in point, even though Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch, who won several awards for the role) had her likable moments, her whole “I have to shut down the glee club” campaign went on for too many seasons; however, she finally got her wish just a few weeks ago (SPOILER) in season five. As far as we, the audience are concerned, New Directions is done for good, to make way for ‘Glee’s version of Adventures in Babysitting. Yes I know, that movie didn’t take place in NYC, but humor me! This next section will break your heart, but I’ve never liked these two together.

Someone actually made this? (deviantart.com)

Someone actually made this? (deviantart.com)

Damn me, but I’ve just never liked the chemistry between Kurt and Blaine aka “Klaine”. I get it, I live in Kentucky. ‘Glee’ takes place in Ohio. Even though part of the Midwest is coming around to the idea of at least recognizing out-of-state gay marriages, there is a very long way to go. This part of the country can still be a little limited in thriving gay communities; thus, these two are stuck with each other, at least until the end of the series (TBD). To me, Kurt has always been everything and Chris Colfer, who won a Golden Globe in 2011, has been spot on the entire series. This performance is from a few weeks ago; it’s one of my favorites.

Yeah, I still find things to like about ‘Glee’, but I’m just tired. My sister, who has also soured on the show, she made a good point. She said the show should have started with all of the New Directions kids as freshmen. If you obsess over those kinds of details, the series started when Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Finn, Santana, etc. were sophomores. Well if you want to get specific, Artie and Tina were freshmen at the beginning of the series since they just graduated a few weeks ago on the show. And wouldn’t it have been cool if ‘Glee’ started without Will Schuester? The freshmen struggle in their first year, decide to get a glee club going again and Mr. Schue just happens to come back to teach at his alma mater, then the glee club really gets going in season 2. It’s too easy. Eh, but if you have underclassmen joining up, you would have to get all Menudo every season. Oh what the hell? I’m in too deep, but I will hate watch ‘Glee’, sometimes.

Note to Blaine: You are fine, but you don’t belong with Kurt. I’ve counted to ten.



TV Shows I’m Almost Over

I started to write a blog about Cory Monteith the other day, and my laptop froze up, then my draft didn’t save. Thus, a new idea has surfaced. Well, it just popped into my head.

I’ve decided the following shows, all of which I will always love, are starting to eat away at my last nerve. For now I’ve chosen three, and I maybe would have chosen GLEE, but that show needs me and its fans now more than ever.

The Killing (AMC)



I will never understand why after waiting not one, but TWO seasons to find out “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” AMC would cancel, then order more of this seriously flawed series. The original Danish series ran three seasons, so, maybe we will only get three here in the States, and I couldn’t agree more. Now I love Mirelle Enos and Joel Kinnaman, who play detectives Linden and Holder respectively, and they are still doing good work, but the series just doesn’t feel the same. To boost star power, the series has added Peter Sarsgaard as death row inmate Ray Seward, but his character has nothing to do with the case the investigators are following. Linden and Holder are searching for a missing girl, imagine that, and this one may still be alive. One new character I’m enjoying is Bullet (Bex Taylor-Klaus), a teen bull dyke street kid who is trying to help with the investigation. The rest of the goings-on are pretty boring. However, I will finish the season so I can have some answers.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo)



Gah! I don’t even know where to start with this bunch. Now in its fifth season, the Franklin Lakes ladies are really annoying the shit out of me. Although we all know reality TV isn’t real, the RHONJ production is at a point where every single scenario has to be 90 percent contrived. Prime example, this past week’s episode where Teresa Guidice’s brother Joe calls her “scum” and then her Joe comes charging in to demand an apology, and brother Joe dashes at husband Joe and a “brawl” ensues. Sheesh! And I think the real reason Teresa fights with everyone and her family is because she is more than likely the top paid wife on the show. High salaries demand high drama. Just ask NeNe Leakes. The only person I can stand on the show is not a housewife, it’s Rosie, Teresa and Joe’s cousin and Kathy’s sister. She’s probably about as real as you can expect. Jacqueline and Caroline? I don’t know why they are still on the show, they are totally useless, especially Mrs. Manzo. Damn I miss the good old days of Danielle, flipping tables, and cops without badges.

Okay, this last one I’m over, it pains me to write it but…

Dance Moms (Lifetime)



What?!? Yep, I’m about to throw in the towel on the ALDC. No, wait, the Candy Apples. Just who the hell is this show about anymore? Contrived beyond compare and I really believe it was from the beginning, but it didn’t matter, I was entertained. Now, I’m bored. Lifetime is rolling out new episodes faster than new Twinkies, and it has to stop. Seriously, unless there wasn’t a salary involved, what mother would put her daughter(s) through this? Well, I know one personally and so far, I haven’t heard one negative thing (except the cost!) about her and her daughter’s experiences. Thank goodness. The other day when I was having lunch with my sister, she talked about how she wants to put my niece, who is almost 2, into dance classes in a couple of years. I say fine, as long as her instructor is not an Abby Lee Miller. Dance should be fun and none of the girls on Dance Moms hardly ever look like they are having fun. And I got the most upset when there was a 3-episode arc this past season devoted to Cathy and her rotten Apples. You can’t make that scenario up. Vivi may be a human prop, but I really feel sorry for her. She is one unhappy and bored little girl.

iPod Shuffle At The Gym



First of all, that’s not me obviously. In fact the description of this picture states that you shouldn’t hold on to the side rails on a treadmill. I don’t know why, I think they are there for you to hold on to in starting and in stopping the apparatus. Most treadmills have the bars you hold on to to monitor your heart rate. It’s like you are going on a fun-filled ride to nowhere. Okay, enough of this technical jargon.

Recently, I joined the local YMCA, and I would say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I started out going to Zumba classes with some co-workers, and I finally gave in and I joined up, because I love a treadmill. As of now, I’m only interested in cardio. Unfortunately, scheduling issues have limited my Zumba visits, but I intend to try and go back when I can. Like all the young kids today, I like to listen to music when I walk. If it were up to me, I would jump off the treadmill and do a dance break down when a good tune pops up, however, I have to maintain some silent and sweaty dignity.

I love shuffling my iPod, because it’s like a mini birthday present, it could be good or it could be disappointing. Most of time, I will skip a lot of songs because I like upbeat tunes when I walk. Yes, I know I can create a playlist just for these occasions, but I like a game of chance while walking 3.5 mph. Normally, when I begin, I see what song I left off with and today, it was good one, Scandal’s “The Warrior”, a song I love like one of my imaginary children, but it only had a few seconds left so I started fresh.

Okay, after a few skips, I started with…

Cher-“This is a Different Kind of Love Song” from her last album Living Proof. Cher’s new album will be released later this year and damnit, it better be good! It boasts collaborations with P!nk, Lady GaGa, Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters, and her Burlesque co-star Christina Aguliera. Cher just makes me smile, and if you don’t already follow her on Twitter, do it now stupid!

Prince-“When Doves Cry”, a classic and I rarely embrace the Purple One anymore. See? Nice surprise.

Now next, I rarely ever let a slow song ride, but today, I made one exception.

Celine Dion-“Where Does my Heart Beat Now” Ironic? I did skip “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” because I had to get the blood pumping again…

Scissor Sisters-“Fire With Fire” I have almost every SS album on my iPod; I will never understand why they can’t catch on with radio airplay and album sales. They are on my concert bucket list for sure.

I skipped a bunch after SS, including two more of their songs, but I love the next SS song that came up which is “Only the Horses” from their latest album Magic Hour. Next? I skipped more SS songs. I don’t know why my iPod lumps certain artists together.

Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna-“We Found Love” Yep, finally a mainstream hit, and this is as aerobic as you can get.

After more skips, I landed on Adam Lambert-“Sleepwalker” What the hell happened to one of my favorite American Idol darlings? He’s still awesome, but he needs a tune and an album to jump start his career again. Next?

Cher-“Love and Understanding” HELL YES! MORE CHER! I love this one from her early 90s stuff. Was it a big hit? No, but true fans can appreciate it and its ridiculous dancer-laden video.

Missy Elliot feat. Ciara and Timbaland-“Lose Control” Here’s another artist I will never skip on my iPod. Her beats are the best and I wish she would make a big comeback, I miss her.

Glee Cast (Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison)-“Alone” I’m still mystified by the fact that FOX has ordered two more seasons of Glee. It just doesn’t have that spark that it had in the first season. My sister bought the first Glee album and I burned it the minute she opened it. I would play this Heart gem over and over. Chenoweth rules and I hope she guest-stars again in the future.

Yaz-“Situation” Ah, some 80s synth-pop. Surprise!

*Side note: There are TVs in the workout room and one of them was tuned into CMT. There were videos, then I noticed a movie was starting. I was praying for Footloose, but it was something even better. The ORIGINAL The Karate Kid. Don’t you feel grave disappointment when you see it’s on and it turns out to be that Jaden Smith/Jackie Chan bullshit? UGH!

Last but not least, t.A.T.u.-“All The Things She Said” This was my cool down song. Fake Russian lesbians, enough said.

Doomsday Comes Early Or ‘Idol’ Keeps Randy Jackson AS A JUDGE?!?

Apocalypse Yesterday! (Flickr/tanyagelman)

You know, for a few weeks there, I thought the American Idol producers had finally come to their senses. They were going to shift Randy Jackson from the judges’ table to a mentoring role on the show next season in order to make room for an all-star judging panel, headed by his old buddy Mariah Carey. Unfortunately, some dreams just don’t come true.

Both TMZ and TVLine broke the news today that Jackson has indeed been thrown a lifeline and he will remain at the judges’ table for another season; 12 seasons, 10, soon-to-be 11 years, I smack my head. And you know why I bet Jackson is staying as a judge?

“I give my all, to this mediocre dawg.” (Flickr/Music Star22)

I also believe all that talk about a “fourth judge” a la Kara DioGuardi, then Ellen DeGeneres, has now been reserved for Jackson, who will join Carey, and two judges, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, who have both still been unable to sign the dotted line. No matter the outcome on just who will be joining the old married couple, American Idol is finished! Yes, like the Mayan calendar that ends on December 21st, I predict the upcoming season of ‘Idol’ will be its last. At some point, Fox has to acknowledge they have other better shows to focus on and to promote, not so fast GLEE! I’ll have to reserve my comments for another post, but I think GLEE has to step it up or they are in danger. I’ll just say this, I know the network is trying to keep its audience after The X-Factor USA by putting the dramedy on Thursdays, but I thinks it’s a cop out and we’ll never see if GLEE can compete with season 3 of The Voice. A friend pointed out to me last night, this is the second run of The Voice this year, which is smart. ‘Idol’ always launches in late January/early February, it ends in May, and it’s another eight months until the next season.

The wild card in all of this is The X-Factor USA which finally premieres its second season, with Britney and Demi Lovato in tow, this week. Simon Cowell  expressed upset after NBC revealed last week an extra installment of The Voice would go head-to-head with the premiere of The X-Factor USA this Wednesday. I’m not sure, but it may just be for this week or for the duration of the Blind Audition rounds. It’s going to be a dogfight for sure, on-screen and off.

And I know I’ve said this before, I hope ‘Idol’ keeps Jimmy Iovine, who would make a great fourth judge, oh well…

When A Trendy Song Is Actually Really Good

It’s either a good thing or a bad thing when an otherwise offbeat song gains a whole lot of attention. Such is the case with Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”. Hailing from Bruges, Belgium, Gotye aka Wouter “Wally” De Backer has only been known up until now outside of America. That was until a few famous fans, including (gulp!) Ashton Kutcher and Brit pop star Lily Allen, started speading the word about Gotye’s second single from his third independent album, Making Mirrors. The song has reached number one in the UK, though it dropped one week, but has regained the top spot for the past several week and it has set a record for most consecutive weeks at number one in Australia, a record previously held by Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply”. As of this writing, the single is currently at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Now I thought Gotye’s US television debut would be on this week’s Saturday Night Live, but he’s already appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in February, which is when the single started to gain momentum. According to the artist’s website, he’ll only be playing four dates, all in California, beginning and ending with stints at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival (on 4/15 and 4/22 respectively). Okay, back to the song.

It’s quirky, it’s very 80s, and it’s really a duet, with New Zealand singer/songwriter Kimbra. And the video is quirky and arty, oh and Gotye and Kimbra are naked, but painted.

I had only heard the song once and I don’t remember where. But on last night’s first new GLEE episode in seven weeks, there it was. I like that GLEE doesn’t always showcase every charting hit; however, the show will no doubt give Gotye a sales bump, not to mention all the downloads of the GLEE version. Speaking of which, here it is featuring Darren Criss/Blaine and his big brother Cooper, played by guest star Matt Bomer.

I love it!