Bracketology: I Am A Moron But I Am A Happy Moron

Who knew the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament would be the ultimate exercise in futility. For example, right now, I’m streaming the VCU/Michigan game and although Michigan is the higher seeded team, I’ll bet you all the money people don’t win from this tournament, that 80 percent filled in VCU to win on their brackets. Why? Because the Rams reached the Final Four just two years ago. This where I start to laugh. (oh and the game is over, VCU lost to Michigan, 78-53) Does the dynamic of a National Championship contender really change that much in two years? Well, it’s changed for damn sure this year. Meet the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles.

If you recall last year’s tournament, not one, but 2 no. 2 seeds (Duke and Missouri) were upset in Second Round. And although it only happened once this time, for some reason, FGCU’s 10 point victory over South Region no. 2 Georgetown is a huge deal. And the Eagles are legit, they are tall, um, athletic:

What the what? Chase Fieler’s one-handed alley-oop dunk is one of the many reasons it’s called March Madness. You see that and your maybe already failed bracket doesn’t matter anymore. The tournament is all about David slaying Goliath, and damnit if my alma mater, Western Kentucky University, didn’t almost slay a big opponent, the second-overall no.1 seed (in the South Region) the Kansas Jayhawks.

On paper, you would never in a million years think the Hilltoppers, who struggled mightily this season, could hold Kansas, a no. 1 seed, to 64 points, well they did. The Toppers lost by only seven points. Overall no. 1 seed Louisville beat play-in team North Carolina A&T by by 31. That’s how a 1 vs. a 16 is supposed to go. If WKU had shot better in the second half, they would’ve slayed the no. 1 seed. The days of the no. 1 seed’s invincibility are waning. I’m just glad WKU almost accomplished it. I’m extremely proud.

As for all the other losers. I’m talking to you Wisconsin, Belmont, Bucknell, Davidson, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, NC State, and New Mexico. REALLY?!? I’m especially disappointed in Davidson, who lost by 1 to Marquette on Thursday. This is another team, that in recent years, did well in the tournament. Too bad, they can’t clone Stephen Curry. Aside from Louisville, all the other no. 1 seeds are very vulnerable, especially Kansas and Gonzaga. Well, Indiana is too, but at this point, I think they can least make it to the Elite Eight, and maybe the Final Four.

Personally, in virtually of my brackets, no I didn’t burn them, I’m not that violent, I have Louisville and Miami (FL) meeting for the National Championship, with of course, Louisville winning. Bring it on!