RuPaul’s Drag Race: Who Will Win? Who Cares?


It pains me to write this, but I know a lot of you out there agree with me. This season was very less than or it sucked! I keep trying to figure out why it just didn’t pop like all the others, including All-Stars. The biggest change this season, it aired exclusively on VH1; a little problematic, especially that pre-show aka “Fierce Fridays” with Wendy Williams which after a few weeks mysteriously disappeared. Good move, but it couldn’t save the lack of excitement.

The season started with Lady GaGa finally making her ‘Drag Race’ debut as a mystery queen then as a judge in a challenge that one, RuPaul didn’t dress in drag for, and two it brought back Cynthia Lee Fontaine, the CuCu. Sadly, not Queen CuCa.



And don’t get me started on Valentina. Did she have the best shot to win? Yes, alas.


Valentina is an example of what happens when you totally think you’ll win and you don’t prepare. Lip syncing is THE essential drag queen skill, such horseshit! The fact she won Miss Congeniality made me more angry. It was fan-voted, it was fair but I don’t agree. I voted for Eureka who will be coming back next season due to her early exit for knee surgery. Thus, we still wait for a big queen to take the crown. Sigh.

I’ll just cut to the chase, here is who I want to win:

source (1)

Shea Coulee’ slayed this season. It’s not that I don’t think Sasha Velour (who is rumored to be the winner), Peppermint, and Trinity Taylor aren’t worthy, Shea just brought it a little harder, and she can dance!

I’m praying next up is an All-Stars season. Season 10 better be better.

giphy (3)


The Pros And Cons Of Lady GaGa’s “G.U.Y.” Video (Short Film)

Well Lord, it’s been about a minute since I blogged about Mother Monster. And well, I have my reasons. As far as I’m concerned, GaGa is in need of some reality. Ironically, there is some reality in her new short film/video for “G.U.Y.” Specifically, some reality TV stars. Since GaGa is supposedly a fan of Bravo, she asked the current Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, minus Brandi Glanville and new/soon to be gone wife Joyce Giraud, and Bravo big wig/Watch What Happens Live! host Andy Cohen to tag along on this puzzling adventure.

Seriously? (

Seriously? (

That’s a reverse angle and that’s literally all you see of Cohen as “Zeus”. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. This short film begins with GaGa on the ground, dirty, pierced by an arrow, and the track “Artpop” begins. You see as it turns out, this just isn’t a nice tight little video for “G.U.Y.” it’s a semi-promotional deluge of tracks from the album. To be fair, the only other track featured is “Venus”. It’s all a very weird set-up. As “Venus” plays, we see five of the seven housewives, clad in pink, and performing. I must say, Lisa Vanderpump (pink is her signature color) is impressive on the tambourine. She keeps the rhythm, and the sisters Richards play along on guitars, which made me think of some other guitar-playing sisters.

"Are they still alive?!?" (

“Are they still alive?!?” (

The Del Rubio Triplets!!! What ensues is a typical GaGa video. Many outfits, wigs, a dance routine, and another sequence with Kyle Richards, Vanderpump, and GIGGY assisting GaGa with some sort of chic bank robbery. Honestly, a lot of the imagery reminded me of the “Poker Face” clip. Which brings me to my point.

The album was released back in November, yet up until this weekend, the only video released has been “Applause”. There is said to be a clip of the album’s second and I think the best pop-friendly single “Do What U Want” that was directed by photographer Terry Richardson, but for legal reasons, it was never really clear, the video was never released. Why wait all those months to release another single and video? I was thinking when Artpop was released, GaGa would go full steam ahead, and I’m NOT counting that Muppets special. And now, a new tour is in the works, dates have been set, and I fear no one, except the faithful fans will show up. Don’t even get me started on this…

Lady-Gaga-600x450 celebuzzYes, I understand she is an artist doing the whole “art” thing, but honestly, this was sort of too much. WE GET IT! Millie Brown‘s esophagus, I’m worried. I just see another big side track in GaGa’s future. I know one positive I got out the new video. It reminded me I’m still a fan of her music. I need to pull Artpop back out I guess.

What Does It Mean?

Okay, before you stop reading, this post will NOT be all about Beyonce’s stunning new pixie cut. I’m going to take a few current topics and tell you what I think they mean. And we will start with Mrs. Carter. What does it mean? It means a lot of people will be wasting their time on Twitter analyzing and humorously carrying on about a friggin’ haircut. And let’s be honest, she probably just snatched her weave. I have feelings about the haircut, but I haven’t been able to fully process them yet.

A-Rod’s infinite suspension

What does it mean? It means this no-talent, overpayed, whiny dickbag may never play MLB again. As you can tell, I have zero love for Rodriguez. I’ve never liked him and when he joined the Yankees, I really, really, really didn’t like him. If A-Rod does get to play again, he will be nearly 40. Not many 40-year-olds can play out one or two more years in the big leagues. And I heard the other night, the Yankees farm system is virtually dead with no hopes of any future stars and/or good trading material available. It’s the great Bronx meltdown and I am loving every minute of it.

Lady GaGa releases this video

What does it mean? Uh, I know I should have something witty to say, but I don’t. And by the way, why is everybody shocked that she’s naked? Jesus, if you haven’t seen GaGa naked by now, go and look at Beyonce’s haircut again. This extreme yoga, called the Abramovic Method, video reminds me of a Wes Anderson film. It just needs some catchy retro music, or some Boots Randolph. Oh and if you haven’t heard her leaked track “Burqa” (some sites are naming it “Aura”), I implore you to skip it! I already have a sinking feeling Artpop is going to be an “art flop”, and I hate that for GaGa. I think she should’ve just laid low and she should’ve taken the rest of the year off. If you are curious, click here to hear the demo; lyrics are included.

another wordpress blog

another wordpress blog

Miley Cyrus releases the name of her new album, BANGERZ

What does it mean? I believe we can safely say now Cyrus has crossed over to the dark side, as in, no more Hannah Montana, EVER! I’ve had a lot of cruel things to say about Miley, and here’s some more. If she thinks she will ever be as successful as a (gulp!) Lady GaGa, P!nk, or hell Madonna with her new schtick and sound, she needs to step back about 500 feet. She’s pretty much a novelty act; it’s all about the display of questionable, staged behavior and a few okay tracks. Yes, I like “We Can’t Stop” the song, NOT that silly video. It turns out, I can wait to see her again.

A Halloween Playlist: Gangham Style NOT Included!

One thing I love about Halloween is the music. Now I know you are thinking Halloween is about scary movies, costumes, and candy, all true and I love those things too. Quick fact, since I’ve always lived in an apartment, I never get trick or treaters, but I usually buy a bag of candy just to be on the safe side. In the end, no kiddos and I end up picking away at all the delicious fun size candy bars.

I ain’t afraid of no candy. (

So what inspired this post? A Lady GaGa song; namely, “Bloody Mary”. Even though GaGa is not actively promoting her album, the Born This Way Ball is in full swing, and it will land stateside next year. YouTube has a host of clips from the tour and the “Bloody Mary” number is awesome. Plus, I’m obsessed with the song. It’s currently on repeat in my car. Check out the performance, it is a tad creepy and who is driving those things?

Okay, these are songs that may not necessarily be scary or have anything to do with Halloween, but see and hear what you think.

Bauhaus “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

This video performance is featured in the 1983 modern day vampire flick The Hunger. It’s a pretty good movie by the way. It should be noted the original track is nearly 10 minutes long. Yes, the film stars David Bowie and Catherine Denuve. Well, and Susan Sarandon, but much later after this opening clip. Bela Lugosi played Dracula, vampires, it’s self-explanatory.

Kate Bush “Get Out of my House”

A radio listener told me years ago, Bush was inspired by the movie Poltergeist, however, when I re-examined the themes behind Bush’s 1982 album, The Dreaming, it’s revealed The Shining was the inspiration. Both of those are I consider to be two of the best scary movies around. Of course, Kate Bush is an acquired test (no pun intended) and this track is one I would point to if you wanted to listen to get a sense of who she is as an artist. I think she’s awesome, and she super quirky.

The Cranberries “Zombie”

Okay, “Zombie” is an example of a non-scary, non-Halloween song. The song is more of a political statement on the band’s home country IRA organization. It just happens to rock and the video is a little off-kilter, and is also political.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Red Right Hand”

Nick Cave is creepy and this song is creepy. It’s been used over and over in different shows and movies. The first time I think I heard it was in Scream, in the scene where it’s the day after Drew Barrymore has been cut from end to end. In fact, the song was also used in two Scream sequels. And Cave is Australian! I never knew that.

Kiss “God of Thunder”

True confession, this song DOES scare me! However, when you see it live, which I have, it’s not nearly as scary. When I was growing up, and I’ve probably written about this before, we had HBO and one of the most vivid images I remember seeing as a 3-year-old was Gene Simmons’ blood spewing act on a Kiss concert the cable network aired. KISS rules!

Motley Crue “You’re All I Need”

All right, here’s a song about a gruesome murder. Good times! And this video, which you’ll notice the picture is reversed, was banned from MTV. Why? I think murder had something to do with it. What’s even creepier, is the song is mid-tempo, tinged with Tommy Lee’s piano.

The Misfits “Die Die My Darling”

So more death, why not? Folks from my generation may be more familiar with Metallica’s version, and really, you could throw a dart and put any Misfits songs on this list. Hell, they even have a song called “Everyday is Halloween”, what could go wrong?

Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me”

I always found the video, though cheaply made, to be more creepy than the song. And not because Michael Jackson sang on the chorus. One hit wonder and instant schlock classic. Look out for those mailmen!

Rob Zombie “House of 1000 Corpses”

Again, this an instance of throw a dart, but thank God for Rob Zombie. Everyday is Halloween for this musician/director. Zombie’s next horror flick, The Lords of Salem, will hit theaters sometime next year.

Bernard Herrmann Psycho Sountrack Suite

Alfred Hitchcock broke the mold when he unleashed his 1960 thriller/horror film Psycho upon the world. It’s a film that almost didn’t see the light of day. It’s cool when the music score marries so well with the vibe of the story, and no one did it better than composer Bernard Herrmann, who would go on to score three more Hitchcock films. This is a must for your party or especially, your haunted house.

Have fun kiddies!



A Recap Of Things I Should Have Written About Already

This past week was mega-busy for me. Needless to say, I haven’t had a chance to blog or think or sleep. Now I have a chance to do a recap of some things I found fascinating last week.

Psy, “Gangnam Style” and his 15 minutes

A friend of mine called Psy’s “Gangnam Style” this generation’s “Rock Me Amadeus” which would make Psy the late Falco? South Korean rapper/crazy-ass dancer Psy has literally been everywhere. From the MTV VMAs to Ellen to last week’s SNL season premiere. Although I recall seeing a clip of Psy more than a month ago on Chelsea Lately and there was no way I thought this nut bar would take off. Now I could show one of those obnoxious dance videos, but instead, here’s drummer Matt Harw00d-Jones playing along with “Gangnam Style”, and this isn’t the only one.

Courtney Stodden gets an age-appropriate makeover

What? No more F-me look?!? It’s true…the photo.

Nice daughter you have there (

So supposedly, this was done to quell all those plastic surgery rumors. Right, whatever makes you happy honey.

Mitt Romney just won’t quit

But didn’t he look great in this interview?

We get it Mittens! (

Good God, I cannot WAIT to NOT vote for this clown! Bottom line, Mittens’ father was born to AMERICAN parents in Mexico. That’s it, that’s where this appeal to the Latino vote ends. And I’m sorry, but his “47 percent” comment could be the final nail in the coffin. Seriously, shouldn’t you be trying to get EVERYONE, not matter who they are to vote for you? That’s how you win a Presidential election. I’m over it.

Is Lady GaGa really that hefty or is it an optical illusion?

Although GaGa has admitted to gaining 25 pounds, the camera may be a little less harsh than we’ve seen. It’s this photo from an event in Europe where she wears another meat outfit that has created the buzz.

Meat is good! ( News)

I mean are her thighs really as big around as a country ham? And honestly, how can she perform a high-energy, dance-laden show and not keep in shape? It’s all very weird, but do we turn up our noses at the fuller figure? Of course not. March 10th, Nashville, I’m there!

Where were you when Honey Boo Boo sneezed?

Yeah, if 2012 is our last year on Earth, I’m glad we got to see that. Season finale, tw0-thumbed baby, it’s this week! Set your DVRs!!!!

Finally, I love Hanson again.

Ah, Hanson. I swear I thought that one that has 30 kids was a girl when I first saw the “MMMBop” video. As the brothers continue to make music and pro-create at a record pace, they have time to cover what is turning out to be Taylor Swift’s biggest song ever. WATCH!


Three Albums I Will Be Purchasing Soon Or Sometime This Summer

May is when all media is at a fever pitch. TV season finales, new and returning TV shows start airing, the summer blockbuster season gets into full swing (although I don’t know what movie can outdo The Avengers) and, all kinds of new music is out there for the taking, well, buying. Here’s three I must get my hands on….

1. Adam Lambert: Trespassing

I miss the glittery outer space Adam

As of Tuesday, Trespassing is good to go. For all my cynical, asshole berating of American Idol, Adam Lambert has been by far my favorite in the past five years. As you recall, he didn’t win, but the winner (Kris Allen that season) always ends up being a bigger loser when it comes to album sales and overall staying power. Lambert’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, has achieved platinum status and any time an artist’s album and single sales are very good, he/she/they will be sticking around for a while. Although I’m not a fan of every single track I’ve heard, Lambert has included many more upbeat/dance tracks this time around. What I love about Glambert is that he’s not afraid to take a risk, and maybe more ex-Idols should do that. Losers!

2. Scissor Sisters: Magic Hour

Can you say “trippy”?

Yes, anything the Sisters do, I’m in! Less than two years after Night Work and a few concert dates opening for Lady GaGa, the Sisters return for another intellectual, if not gay-gay-gay, wild ride. When one of the tracks is entitled, “Let’s Have a KiKi”, oh yes. But here’s my continuing argument for the Sisters, I will never understand why they can’t break through to the mainstream. They have certainly achieved a cult status and they have a huge fan base, but radio programmers, in the US anyway, shy away. It’s 2012 people! And the last time I checked, a hell of lot of people LOVE to dance. As with Adam Lambert’s new album, at least two of the tracks on Magic Hour were co-written and produced by Pharrell Willams. Williams is the co-writer and producer of Lambert’s title track, “Trespassing” (one I don’t care for), but we’ll see what he’s got going on with the Sisters. Magic Hour will be in stores May 29th.

3. Garbage: Not Your Kind of People

Clean and direct

How long has it been since we’ve heard anything new from Garbage? Not counting 2008’s greatest hits collection Absolute Garbage, it’s been six years! However a band like Garbage can take off like that, but not for too long. Drummer Butch Vig was last seen as producer of one of my favorite rock records of last year, Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light. Shirley Manson dabbled in acting, I still regret not tuning in for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it ran for two abbreviated seasons. Oh well. One major change, this new album is on Garbage’s own label, STUNVOLUME, so maybe they took their time in order to get more creative control. I’ve only heard “Blood for Poppies” and I loved it. Not Your Kind of People was also released this week.