American Idol and North Korea In The Same Blog

I swear I go into every week thinking about one great thing to write about and then my non-diagnosed ADD kicks in. So, I’ll touch on a few things that have been on my mind, foreign and domestic.

Speaking of foreign…

"Um, not unless you have JAWS" (

“Um, not unless you have JAWS” (

Yes, North Korea’s new Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un has many aspirations of attacking someone other than South Korea, but why anyone would be concerned is beyond me. You can watch all those videos of N. Korea’s nelly-looking military, alas, don’t be frightened my babies. I think what’s more frightening is this propoganda video showing how Americans live. We apparently eat and drink a hell of a lot of snow. Do the N. Koreans really buy this nonsense? We all live in tents and abandoned buildings and it looks like we are rescued at the Disney monorail at the end. If anything, this video is a perfect plant for examining homelessness somewhere, I’m not sure all of that video was shot in the US. And although N. Korea has almost always been a dictatorship, the US will not intervene, at least not until we fear their weapons are stronger than a Nerf dart gun. Moving on…

That suit is so bad. (American Idol Facebook)

That suit is so bad. (American Idol Facebook)

I predict 2013 will be the year the American Idol ship finally sinks. Why? Well let’s begin with the sinking ratings. Idol’s target demographic (18-49) continues to abandon the reality monster every single week. Does it still come in at no. 1 every Wednesday night? You bet, but the show isn’t pummeling the competition like it used to. And for the first time, vote totals are really, really low. Despite the new SuperVote, which is where you can submit 50 votes online however you like, something or someone is still not bringing in hordes of numbers and viewers. My brief thoughts on the new judges. I like Keith Urban, but he’s very much a “yes man”. Viewers are not liking Nicki Minaj, but she is the best damn thing to happen to the show in 12 years. Okay, I still miss Mr. Cowell, but Minaj has mutated Cowell’s biting critcism, Paula’s incoherency, and Randy’s, well Randy’s nothing into real and honest critiques. And last, and certainly least, Mariah Carey has contributed nothing and they are paying her way too much to sit there and play with her hair. Well, she did contribute a fistful of glitter after (ICYMI) Candice Glover’s bad-ass cover of “Lovesong”. Golf clap for Mimi. And then, there’s this Lazaro problem. Here’s what I think is happening. Uncle Nigel (Lythgoe) is somehow manipulating the voting to where Lazaro, despite his poor-ass singing ability, yet “inspirational story” hook is keeping him around. It’s really embarrassing, yet how much behind the scenes prodding and manipulating is going on, no one really knows. And even though he has earned (?) a spot on the Idols Tour, there is no way in hell I would let him go out there every night and not only embarrass himself, but embarrass the Idol brand. I hope Kree Harrison, although she really needs to step up her performance style, wins, if not, Candice Glover for sure deserves it. But if Lazaro goes to the finale or wins? Mass viewer exodus will ensue.

Finally, I saw the new Evil Dead…eh.