My Reactions To The ‘Full House’ Reboot: Fuller House

I suppose it’s time for one of my world-famous (not really) rants. For years, well the last couple of weeks, we’ve been knocked over the head by reboots, remakes, rehashings, re-edits, etc. The whole “Full House” reboot has been in talks for a while and today, it was made official and it will be part of the Netflix monster.


My thoughts exactly. But here’s the strange part, the Olsen twins, purveyors of “you got it dude!” are currently in negotiations to appear (really?!?) as are Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. Here’s who has been confirmed to appear….


John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) who is determined to ride any nostalgia wave he can latch onto. I’ll admit he’s still good-looking and he’ll do a good job. He’s worthy of a “Uncle Jesse joins a biker gang and trades guns and drugs for cash…”, wait, that’s been done.

Candance Cameron-Bure (DJ Tanner-Fuller) who is now a pregnant widow (???) and she has two unruly sons, and to help out….watch this gif while you wait for it….


Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) will be moving in with DJ to help with the boys. This is in the synopsis.


Also moving in…Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) “aspiring musician”??? Whatevs.


I’m assuming the bad wigs and bad sweaters will fall by the wayside as this is a reboot and not a remake. Even this hag, um, nice lady is negotiating to come back.


If I could only smash the heads together of the writers/producers/actors who thought this would be a good idea. Here’s my point, stories out of Hollywood are just as vacant as the town itself, unoriginal and uninspired. When I was researching for an interview with a TV writer/producer/author from my hometown, he said in a video that if I/you were to write and create a TV show, make sure it’s original. He was mostly trying to scare the writing students away from the spec script concept even though his spec script for ‘Family Guy’ got him a job on the show. Cruel irony.

I know I’ve made this confession before here, or maybe not. I want to write either a TV script, an original one, or a novel. In the past, the idea of writing a movie was all I wanted to do, but I think TV in a more stagnant state, it’s thirsty for fresh ideas.

Due to time and due to my lack of patience, my script has not come together yet…stay tuned.


Yes MotherBoy, I’ve Crawled Back To Netflix

Not only have I re-established my relationship with HBO, tonight, I went a step further and I renewed my vows with Netflix for one reason and one reason only. New Arrested Development episodes! How many episodes? Fifteen set to stream simultaneously on the site. Yes, you won’t have to wait for week-to-week installments. Will the site crash? Absolutely. I don’t care. This show has to be one the most inane, goofy, and hilarious sitcoms ever made. Thank God IFC airs reruns on a regular basis.

There’s a lot riding on this unbelievable revival. I guess the biggest question on every diehard fan’s mind is most certainly, will it be as funny as it was when it all started 10 years ago? I hope a few of the old running gags make a comeback. Come on! As long as this is in there somewhere, I will die very happy:

And I hope my “1 month free trial” will meet all of my AD needs. Sneaky move sis!

New episodes begin streaming on Netflix this Sunday, May 26th….be prepared for the crash!