The Dream Of The 2000s Will Live Again in 2013

Who knew the new year would start off with such huge, and I do mean HUGE, music news? In case you haven’t heard, both Justin Timberlake AND Destiny’s Child will release new music in the very, very near future. Both acts announced the news on the same day, what are the odds?

Here’s the tweet from Team Bey:

Now since Beyonce’ is performing at halftime at the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, the speculation that she will reunite with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams is rampant, and I pray it happens. Plus she also will be performing at the Inauguration, she has an HBO documentary due next month, and of course she is working on her next album, her first since her daughter Blue was born. Here’s the cover for the new cd, which will be in stores soon, January 29th to be exact. The trio’s first single in eight years and the only new song on the new compilation, “Nuclear” was produced Pharrell Williams and the release date has not been revealed.


Got it? Good. Now onto what I consider the bigger news, Justin Timberlake, with Timbaland’s help, will be putting out new music for the first time in almost seven years at midnight this coming Sunday. There’s a countdown clock on his website, and here’s the teaser video, complete with some dramatic yet subtle JT narration, no music. DRAT!

Are you ready? I am, and it better be “Jumpin’ Jumpin” and “SexyBack”! YES!



Three Albums I Will Be Purchasing Soon Or Sometime This Summer

May is when all media is at a fever pitch. TV season finales, new and returning TV shows start airing, the summer blockbuster season gets into full swing (although I don’t know what movie can outdo The Avengers) and, all kinds of new music is out there for the taking, well, buying. Here’s three I must get my hands on….

1. Adam Lambert: Trespassing

I miss the glittery outer space Adam

As of Tuesday, Trespassing is good to go. For all my cynical, asshole berating of American Idol, Adam Lambert has been by far my favorite in the past five years. As you recall, he didn’t win, but the winner (Kris Allen that season) always ends up being a bigger loser when it comes to album sales and overall staying power. Lambert’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, has achieved platinum status and any time an artist’s album and single sales are very good, he/she/they will be sticking around for a while. Although I’m not a fan of every single track I’ve heard, Lambert has included many more upbeat/dance tracks this time around. What I love about Glambert is that he’s not afraid to take a risk, and maybe more ex-Idols should do that. Losers!

2. Scissor Sisters: Magic Hour

Can you say “trippy”?

Yes, anything the Sisters do, I’m in! Less than two years after Night Work and a few concert dates opening for Lady GaGa, the Sisters return for another intellectual, if not gay-gay-gay, wild ride. When one of the tracks is entitled, “Let’s Have a KiKi”, oh yes. But here’s my continuing argument for the Sisters, I will never understand why they can’t break through to the mainstream. They have certainly achieved a cult status and they have a huge fan base, but radio programmers, in the US anyway, shy away. It’s 2012 people! And the last time I checked, a hell of lot of people LOVE to dance. As with Adam Lambert’s new album, at least two of the tracks on Magic Hour were co-written and produced by Pharrell Willams. Williams is the co-writer and producer of Lambert’s title track, “Trespassing” (one I don’t care for), but we’ll see what he’s got going on with the Sisters. Magic Hour will be in stores May 29th.

3. Garbage: Not Your Kind of People

Clean and direct

How long has it been since we’ve heard anything new from Garbage? Not counting 2008’s greatest hits collection Absolute Garbage, it’s been six years! However a band like Garbage can take off like that, but not for too long. Drummer Butch Vig was last seen as producer of one of my favorite rock records of last year, Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light. Shirley Manson dabbled in acting, I still regret not tuning in for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it ran for two abbreviated seasons. Oh well. One major change, this new album is on Garbage’s own label, STUNVOLUME, so maybe they took their time in order to get more creative control. I’ve only heard “Blood for Poppies” and I loved it. Not Your Kind of People was also released this week.