The Walking Dead Marathon, The Amazing Spider-Man, And Big Ang

*NOTE: I’m going to do a separate post about Adam Lambert being considered for an American Idol judge next season, because the story broke as going to bed last night Don’t worry, I’ll cover it. This is HUGE news!

Scary. (Al Pavangkanan/Flickr)

I had a fairly lazy weekend, but when I found The Walking Dead marathon on AMC, I pepped up for a good while. Ah memories of the bike girl in the park, which I still say is the best looking zombie ever made for film/tv. I don’t think I had seen season one, which was only six episodes, since it originally aired. You know everything that’s going to happen, but it’s so refreshing to see it again, like when Rick and Glenn distracted the city zombies by wearing suits made out of blood and guts, or when Andrea’s sister Amy succumbs to a zombie attack and then resurrects. The first half of season 2 didn’t seem as slow as when it first aired, and the second half was far superior. I haven’t watched the black and white version of the first episode of season one yet; it’s supposed to give the audience that “graphic novel” experience. Okay. In addition to the marathon, there were a few sneak peeks of season 3….here’s the upcoming poster for Comic-Con.

Michonne and The Governor, pictured left to right minus Rick, are two new characters entering the fray. And the weary survivors take on their biggest challenge yet, an abandoned prison. I don’t expect any slow-moving story lines this season, I expect plenty of kicking zombie ass! October isn’t that far away…

Next up, my parents invited me to tag along with them to see


All right, I’ll admit, I’m NOT a fan of the original set of films from the last decade. In fact, I think I only saw the first one at the theater. I’m not a big super hero movie geek, but I like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Tobey Maguire was fine, but Garfield brings a better sense of youth and versatility to the character. The Amazing Spider-Man grossed nearly $140 million the past six days, and it opened on Tuesday I’m sure to puff up the ticket sales. The 2002 version grossed $144.2 million in its first six days, so prognosticators are not completely sold on this new incarnation. And Spidey better beware, The Dark Knight Rises opens a week from Friday (7/20), and I predict it will have a monster of an opening weekend.

Finally, I have zero desire to watch anything on VH1 anymore, but that has changed, thanks to Big Ang!


Angela “Big Ang” Raiola originally appeared on season 2 of VH1’s Mob Wives, but as with all reality shows, at least one cast member breaks out and now Big Ang is lucky enough to star in her own spin-off which debuted Sunday night. As all of you know, I’m a sucker for reality tv, so I was enthusiastic about checking this one out. And here’s why I like her, she’s loud, she’s herself, and most important, she has NO shame! That voice kills me! It sounds like a cross between Harvey Fierstein and Penny Marshall. And despite the Jersey-like party atmosphere, the series takes place in Staten Island, and Big Ang is focused on re-vamping her bar, the Drunken Monkey. I’m bummed the episodes are only a half-hour long, but you’d be surprised how much tomfoolery can be squeezed into a 25-min show.

Okay, I’ll write about Adam Lambert soon, but before I go here’s Lambert with Big Ang lips:



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