The Walking Dead Finally Gets Good, But There’s Only One Episode Left

**I’ll do my best to not spoil anything, but hell, I think everyone has seen or read about this last episode**
When season 2 of The Walking Dead premiered last October, I couldn’t wait! Season 1, though short, pretty much ruled. However, the first few episodes were devoid of any big “walker” attacks and they were devoid of any sustained suspense. Okay, I guess the search for Sophia counts, and when Carl got shot. Yeah, it was all about the kids for the first time. The term I heard and read a lot about concerning the first seven episodes of this season? Soap opera. Abort! Abort! Glen started to grow up, so boring and he eventually would lose his virginity to Maggie. I missed his “Short Round” look. In short, with the cap, Glen is cool, without it, he’s a sensitive wuss boy. The episodes began to focus more on morality than true survival. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Yes, Shane became as whack-a-doodle as ever, especially when he went to retrieve a respirator with Otis (part of a new group) and when a big group of walkers gained up on them, Shane sacrificed Otis, and he then shaved his head to hide a suspicious gash. And we all know when a character in anything shaves his/her head, it’s on! 
Part of the slow down was due to the original group unintentionally joining a new group led by veterinarian Hershel Greene and his family. See, when Carl got shot, Hershel’s farm just happened to be nearby, thus he jumped into action to save the boy. What followed were a succession of episodes where either Rick, Shane, or Glen and Maggie (Hershel’s daughter/Glen’s woman) leave the farm, or Daryl would leave to search for Sophia. Well, hell, I guess they all went and searched for Sophia at some point. A lot of critics viewed the search for Sophia as wasted time, until….it was discovered Hershel was keeping a barn full of walkers, which included members of his family, because he thought they were just sick (which technically, they are) and not just dead people aimlessly walking the landscape searching for fresh blood. The climax of the first set of episodes came when Shane let all the barn walkers loose and one by one, they were executed. But when one last walker emerged, it was a child, it was SOPHIA! That’s when my confidence in the show was sharply renewed. Her mother Carol is not the only one in shock, and Rick had no choice but to put a bullet through the young girl’s brain. Fans would have to wait until February to see what would happen next. 
What came next was the best episodes since the series began. Survival mode and walker rampages finally kicked in again. There was still that annoying moral conflict struggle, but it was mixed just right with some good old fashioned zombie kills, not to mention the guys pick up a hostage, Randall, who is part of yet another group, and we’re led to believe they are all reckless rednecks. Rick’s wife, Lori, who is the one character I cannot stand, finds out in the first set of episodes that she’s pregnant, and really, she’s no help at all this season. And would it kill her to pull back her hair just once? The only reason I can still sort of tolerate Andrea is because she didn’t become as heartless as she would seem by the time Dale bit the big one at the hands of a walker who Carl was supposed to kill. Do not get me started on Carl! If you are a fan, you know what I mean. If he survives the season finale or beyond, I’ll be shocked. 
I suppose the last few episodes were all about Shane’s demise into madness. I couldn’t believe he kept on living, and not just because of the dire circumstances of the world around him. He lost everything, all because Rick lived. And truly, I think Lori still loved Shane, but she came to her senses because of his questionable behavior. When Shane lets Randall go, he misleads him into thinking he wants to join Randall’s group, which I think would have made an interesting plot development. Damn. He just lied again and Rick had had enough. And Shane wanted to die, but did he want to become a walker? We’ll never know and I hope we find out why both Shane and Randall turned into walkers without getting bit. One theory out there is that the virus has become airborne and it apparently has a dormant period, but for how long? I probably should wait and write after Sunday’s season finale, but screw it, I love The Walking Dead again and I ain’t afraid to say it. Will there be a third season? You bet!
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Zombies Are Cool! (Non-Gay Post)

I love zombies!  I’ve always been a fan of the original Night of the Living Dead series, especially the original Dawn of the Dead which stars a bunch of no-name actors escaping zombies whilst holed up in a mall, classic.  The new AMC hit series The Walking Dead is basically the same, no-name actors, with the exception of Michael Rooker–and he’s only appeared in small doses so far, they are holed up in Atlanta in a department store, again, only briefly.  In short, I love this show!  I guess the blood and guts appeal to me, I love horror movies and I love the tension and high drama.  Sure, the same zombie problems exist.
1. Zombies, for some reason, can’t climb…although this theory has been put to the test with the third episode…I’ll leave you hanging, since I don’t want to be blamed for any spoilers! 
2. Zombies now don’t die automatically…yes, the head shot, either by bullet or by axe still works but The Walking Dead shows a torso-only zombie crawling around in the first episode, and she’s still hungry!  It’s the first time I’ve seen half a zombie still roaming around in any film or tv show, brilliant.
3. Zombies will eat ANYTHING…again, spoilers…animals…ewwww!
I would describe the series as The Stand meets Planet Terror with a dash of the original Dawn of the Dead thrown in.  It’s based on a graphic comic series by Robert Kirkman; and this graphic comic works, some don’t.  I’m just saying Watchmen, the movie, was terrible!  The Walking Dead is executive produced by Academy Award nominee, Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile).  I think it’s interesting the main character, Sheriff Rick Grimes, hails from Kentucky in the comic.  And the series was shot in Atlanta, the production design is very well executed. 
Sadly, there are only 3 episodes left in the first season.  There are 13 volumes of the comic, so a second season is on tap, maybe a third, if the material can be stretched.  And who knows, Kirkman may write more material since the reception and the reviews for the series have been positive so far. 
So, if you want to check out The Walking Dead, you can see the pilot episode at AMC’s website, if not, I believe AMC reruns the last few episodes before the new one airs at 9pm central…
*I realize this blog isn’t my normal fare, but I assure you, I will continue to sound off about all things gay in pop culture, I was just so excited about this show, that’s all.*